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Scooter, greenhouse and makeup can have ecological and homemade

Scooter, greenhouse and makeup can have ecological and homemade Environmentally friendly products have successfully found their way into our everyday lives. Many of them while you can easily make at home themselves. Thanks to the handy handymen who place the instructions on the internet, we need not be limited to household cleaners and cosmetics. At home we can easily produce greenhouse and elektrokoloběžku.

Although some of the self-made eco-products can act as a significant time and financial investment, return on investment is quick and positive impact on a substantial nature. "Ecology does not have to be only about big changes. Sometimes it is enough just a good idea and a little time. The result can be beneficial and environmentally friendly products, "says Vladimir Glaser from the organizing team competition E.ON Energy Globe, which for nine years appreciates the best environmental and energy-saving projects in the Czech Republic. Sustainability today is assisted by several trends. These include domestic production of cosmetics, the use of PET bottles or DIY ekovýrobky.

Tip 1: Domestic hygiene products

One of the current trends within the ecology of the so-called life without waste. The pioneer of this style Bea Johnson motivates with his family thousands of other rejections of plastic packaging, but also buying second-hand clothes or making your own hygiene products. For example, toothpaste prepared by simply mixing the bicarbonate of soda, coconut oil and aroma. "Making your own resources is even healthier - we managed to eliminate all toxic products out of our lives," she said in an interview with Bea Johnson EcoFuture.

Tip 2: Greenhouse of PET bottles

In most homes are commonly found plastic bottles. In addition to the crease and putting it in the recycling but can be used as an alternative building material. PET bottles because you can use as a replacement foil the manufacture of garden greenhouse. Navléct bottle is enough for thicker rod or wire and make them columns, which serves as the walls and roof of the greenhouse. If you live in a flat without a garden, you can create a smaller equivalent greenhouse suitable for balcony using plastic CD boxes.

Tip 3: Production ekovozidla in our own workshop

Czech craftsmanship that contributes significantly to the ecology show their creations and many winners of competitions in E.ON Energy Globe. Last year's winner of the category Handyman, Jaromir März in his home workshop itself created a solar car, an electric scooter and generator. The facility, which produces März, also inserted by-step video tutorials on YouTube. "Production of these funds is simple and components are easy to buy," says März. For example elektrokoloběžku with which toured the Sumava, according to him, is able to produce every skillful handyman in less than 20 thousand.

Tip 4: Inexpensive and friendly cosmetics

When also considering restrictions on plastic and chemicals in your home, you can produce at home and beauty products. Mixing petroleum jelly and crushed almonds burned in the pan must you produce black mascara. This can place in a plastic bag kept in a glass or tin container, which, unlike plastic will last for several years. At home, you can also produce soap, body lotion, deodorant or own makeup.

Tip 5: composted goes well in

If you recycle, but while throwing organic residues into household waste your conscience, take advantage of the trend vermicomposting. It is a process in which play a major role Californian earthworms. Animals Dumped organic waste is processed to produce a so-called vermicompost. It can be used as fertilizer, needed to vertical balcony "garden" with herbs. Vermikompostér can you produce simple - all you need is well ventilated, not too deep, lockable container in which you put a few layers of organic waste and earthworms. Subsequently only regularly adding organic material.

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