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Save on accident insurance can be even tens of percent

Save on accident insurance can be even tens of percent Accident, natural disaster, theft and vandalism. These are examples of what may be ahead of drivers and car owners using their cars to protect accident insurance. Unlike compulsory insurance, this insurance is voluntary, and especially with expensive vehicles may be its price climb on tens of thousands of crowns. The resulting sum, however, affect several factors which can also save significantly.

At the cost of accident insurance is primarily intended to influence age of the vehicle. What sins but a large part of the insured car owners is the fact that the car with the passing of time is changing its original price and the amount at which it was a year ago or two insured, long ago not correspond to reality. And so the owner actually fuse overpaying. It is therefore recommended once a year or every two existing treaty change.

A number of Czech insurance companies is possible only at the end of the original contract, and drafting a new treaty, but others are even offer the option contract during its validity period to adjust. Thus it is possible to save tens of percent of the premium.

Besides, they offer a variety of home insurance discounts. Price advantage around twenty percent of it can be obtained through security car. "The accident insurance offer a discount of up to twenty percent for security. Discounts are graded according to the level of security - the lowest discount in percentage units is provided for mechanical security, the highest for a combination of mechanical and active and passive search. Here it is up to those mentioned twenty percent, "said Ivana Buriánková, spokesman for the Czech insurance company.

Discount in percentage units, it is possible to obtain, for example, due to sandblasting glass, lock the gear lever or steering wheel, saves money also immobilisers, alarms and other innovations in the field of security control of the car. The highest discount then offers a combination of any of the search systems. "The success of finding the car after the theft in the case of our system oscillates around 98 percent and the car owner usually returned within two hours. Insurance companies in the returned vehicle does not address the claim, therefore, do not pay the money, and therefore are willing to provide significant discounts. For example, Kooperativa offers a discount of up to 75% if the car installed our system, "outlined Petr Rybníček, a specialist in security and vehicle tracking system Sherlog.

For a large part of the insurance is a standard discount when ordering accident insurance online. It is around 20-25 percent, the offer is therefore worth watching. Price advantage often entails the negotiation of third party liability and accident insurance suddenly at one insurance company. Save money can also be the fact that you select so-called all-risk variant, which covers the case of an accident, damage to the elements, theft and vandalism, but you choose what due to the age of the car and its condition absolutely need to.

Price advantages can then finally get some insurance companies, for example, low annual foray. "The client can save during the annual raid to 20,000 km and 25% of third party liability and accident insurance. If a customer travels a lot on the highway ramp may be higher because the mileage on the highway as the safest means of communication are counted only half, "said spokeswoman Eva Svobodová Uniqa insurance company.

Finally, the two accident insurance also affects the ride to the driver. Like the compulsory insurance are generally true that if a driver goes without accidents, receives an annual bonus několikaprocentní insurance discounts. This way you can gradually reach up to fifty percent cheaper.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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