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Kenyan High Court described the closure of the camp for illegal Dadáb

The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) welcomes the decision of the Kenyan High Court, which referred to the closure of the largest refugee complex in the world - Camp Dadáb - illegal. The court also ordered that the government has renewed the Department for Refugee Affairs.

The court's verdict is a very positive step for the lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees who have found themselves in the dark after the Kenyan government last May announced the refugee camp Dadáb closed. The complex Dadáb lived a quarter of a million refugees.

MSF appeals to the Government of Kenya to respect this decision. Any return of refugees to Somalia should be based on a voluntary basis.

MSF plans to close the camp Dadáb protested from the beginning. They demanded that steps be considered an alternative to long-term solution to this situation - for example, smaller camps in Kenya, resettlement to other countries or integration into local communities.

MSF started working in Dadábu in 1992 and are currently the sole provider of healthcare in Dagahaley camp, which is part of it. Teams organizations working there in stolůžkové hospital and two health stations. They provide ambulatory care, psychological consultations, surgery, prenatal care, care for patients with HIV and tuberculosis.

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