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Smoking is disease, attach against an effective treatment!

A widespread belief that the love of tobacco is just a bad habit, is a misconception. Smoking is actually disease. The task of the experts is therefore to smokers to help and heal. Above all, it is important to show them the right direction and provide all available therapeutic options.

Why is it important that smokers seek professional help? It is an essential step to ensure that they managed to tobacco dependence really get rid of. Those who rely on themselves, are not too successful - 96% of them fail to cigarettes returns. But smokers who are entrusted to the care of professionals, wins fight over nicotine in 40% of cases, ten times more often.

Motivation is crucial

Treatment centers quitting smoking is covered by public health insurance. Drugs, however, patients generally apply themselves - amount to roughly about CZK 2,000 per month, which is not enough. Quitters must be motivated enough to make the cost of therapy did not consider it too much of an obstacle. It is important to show him that, compared to the costs associated with the purchase of cigarettes, the amount issued for medication to help him smoke low. Since pharmacological treatment but the patient should not expect too much. Dampens While withdrawal symptoms, but does not prevent the smoker in it to light. This is still needed its own volition. Therapy, medication should therefore be combined with psychobehavioural treatment.

Depression worry

The need for medical intervention for smokers, unfortunately, many experts in clinical fully aware of it. These persons are often not offered any help or advice. Then creating a situation where addicts unnecessarily worried about health problems mistakenly associated with smoking cessation. One of the often mentioned "bogies" are, among other things depression. According to recent studies, however, evidence that although it may be addiction treatment for patients with mental illness more difficult, the more symptoms of depression, at the time of smoking, the more important it is for their improvement after a year of abstinence.

Quitting smoking is very promising for those who are addicted to multiple substances. If the person stops smoking, it has approximately 25% higher chance of successful treatment for addiction to alcohol or other drug.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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