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BESIP explains how it is with foglights

There are little things that help us while we upset. Among such men among drivers without any great discussion count fog. While the fog are invaluable helpers when someone forgets to turn off, we get angry, because the bright red lights dazzle and confuse us. And that these drivers meet today and every day more than enough. Weather and visibility in fact these days is changing several times over a few kilometers ....

Rear fog light, we must use when we enter into the fog or heavy rain or snowfall. Front fog lights, we can, but we are not obliged, under these conditions apply. "Not only did we see better, but logically, because we love, we seek to protect front of others. Rear fog lights warn drivers behind you that you're going before them, to us in case we need to stop or go slower, possibly slamming, "explains Martin pastor, boss SCUBA. Turning on is not only in the fog, but also in heavy rain or snow, or when we raised opaque spray. It is in these days on our roads normal conditions.

But while such terms are lit fog justified, and their illumination is only for the benefit of safety when conditions change and the visibility clears, it lit a sharp red lights bother others. They can even become dangerous to ourselves. "Given that the fog lamps are designed to reduced visibility, the intensity is greater than conventional taillights. Brake lights with them, drivers can easily coalesce behind us, and lit fog is normal visibility can be deceiving. "And not to mention the fact that others simply dazzle. In short, poorly lit fog lights are not only annoying but can also be dangerous.

Why fog lights shine through the fog?

The mist is composed of tiny water droplets that reflect back the light that falls on them. Perhaps you know the feeling, you drive into fog, and before you erect a wall of opaque white. Fog lamps are mounted in the front of the car low precisely because the fog podsvěcují, thereby improving visibility. "Technically, the greater the angle between the cone of light emitted fog lamp and the eye of the driver, the less light is reflected back into his eye, and thus the driver situation before us see better. Rear fog lights then they have another function with greater intensity simply shines through the fog, and increase the vehicle's visibility for drivers traveling behind him, "explains Martin pastor.

Daytime running lights are not enough

A separate chapter is the use of daytime running lights, especially in poor visibility. "Drivers must realize, if indeed at all times adequately illuminated. Contemporary modern cars when the car is started automatically lights daytime running lights. Drivers often forget in light of reduced visibility proper lighting - at least dipped beam, whether it is the darkness, fog, or even at the entrance to the tunnel, "says Martin pastor. In the case of daytime running lights drivers forget that the car backwards not light at all, and they are for other poorly visible. It can not fully rely on automatic illumination or light. Maybe just in case of fog or rain, which rises behind the vehicle water curtain, the sensor does not need to evaluate lighting conditions as low enough for the dipped headlights and the car is then poorly visible to other road users. "Many drivers are probably the motto: As I see it, so others can see it too, and it is very dangerous," said pastor Martin, head of SCUBA.

And one warning if you drive with lights fog lamps, it is assumed that this is because the visibility is very poor, and this state must also adapt to driving speed. For example, in Germany, when lit fog lights assume that visibility dropped below 50 meters, so you can not go faster than 50 km / h, even on the highway.

Source: tz, Parliamentary

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