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On Valentine's Day in the Trojan botanical gardens as well as wine experiences

Why not combine this with exoticism and romance instead of the usual trip to the cinema to take your loved one on a night walk through the jungle? Greenhouse Fata Morgana instantly transferred into the darkened rainforest and offers an extraordinary experience, charmed by the scent of flowers and whistles of small tropical frogs.

"For couples, this year we have prepared a special Feb. 14 guided through the darkened conservatory topped toast with a glass of wine from the vineyards of St. Klara "invites you to an unusual Valentine's evening Bohumil Cerny, in charge of managing botanical gardens. Couples at hourly guided tour learn a variety of interesting plant life and love ladies finally receives a red rose to a celebration of love are inseparable. Those interested Valentine tours in advance must reserve a place.

If you plan a romantic evening in the comfort of your home, Sweeten him the toast of award-winning wines from the vineyards of Santa Clara. That because of its location and the soil produces wines that annually reach excellence and win many awards at competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. Pinot Noir - selection of grapes 2012 to last year's contest king of wines has won the category of red dry and semi-dry wines.

If it tempts you walk through the jungle night and the desire to experience something special, not only on Valentine's Day, you can walk through the darkened rainforest throughout the winter. The tours take place every Friday and Saturday until 18 March. In February, starting at 18 hours in March from 18:30 pm. Hour stroll greenhouse Fata Morgana with a guide can be ordered via the form on the website gardens .

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