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Alternative schools: learning without textbooks, signs, leading to greater autonomy

Offer a classical education to expand in the Czech Republic also alternative schools that appear on the level from kindergarten to middle and high schools. While some operate independently, others are just beginning to alternative principles gradually penetrate into education in mainstream schools. Alternative schools are mostly specific access teacher to student curriculum and methods of transmission, which often operates as a project, discussion and problem solving.

Demand for alternative education for Czech parents is increasing, as evidenced by the fact that alternative schools in the Czech Republic in recent years are increasing. Although all Czech schools called binding framework educational program, which defines the basic aims and content of education, alternative schools different approach to teaching and learners themselves. "Individualization of education and work with the student as an individual is a cornerstone of alternative educational programs. Schools in children trying to suffocate the natural desire for knowledge, collaborate with them, nurture them responsibility and create an environment for them where they will not be afraid to communicate and express their opinion. Condition for the success of these schools are also good teachers and their continuing education, "says Andrea Vedralová of the training company My School Project, under which it currently operates a kindergarten, primary school and secondary school in Sokolov and also an elementary school in Prague.

For the reform schools in the Czech Republic prevails Montessori

The world and the Czech Republic are widespread alternative schools are so-called reform schools, which were created in the first half of the twentieth century. This is a Montessori, Waldorf, Dalton and Jena's schools.

According to Montessori Republic in the Czech Republic has been operating for 98 Montessori kindergartens and 53 elementary schools. A fundamental element of this educational method is respect for the individual developmental period of the child and the child alone. Teachers who are for schoolchildren partners to support them in developing knowledge and skills, which is satisfying. Learning takes place without stress, so that no negative impact on the psyche of the child. At the level of kindergartens and primary schools also operate Dalton School, where the important role played by freedom, independence and cooperation. In teaching are set tasks that disciple should handle at any given time. Pupils chooses the order of tasks, colleagues and sometimes the place where they work.

School of Jena,
Jena and also plan to work at the elementary school. The school is unique family atmosphere, natural and stimulating environment for the free development of the child. Children are divided into tribal groups, each bringing together two to three years. The Czech Republic currently operate two Jena's schools - one in Prague and one in Hradec Kralove. Waldorf school covers education for children from kindergarten to high school diploma. According to the Association of Waldorf Schools of the Czech Republic represent it worldwide, more than a thousand institutions in our country over fifty schools and centers. Waldorf method of education promotes individual creative talents and all-round development of the child. Children are taught in the context of the so-called epochs which every given time develop one theme, instead of using their own textbooks and workbooks epoch receive a verbal evaluation, not numeric.

Modern alternative schools develop responsibility and relationship to nature

Besides the reform of schools with nearly a century of tradition created in recent decades other alternative schools. Usually builds on the experiences and approaches of reform schools, which also supplemented by new knowledge of psychology, pedagogy and other disciplines are valuable for education.

Among the modern alternative elementary schools include ScioŠkoly that can currently be found in Prague, Brno and Olomouc. I build these schools on an individual approach to pupils and support the natural training. Their peculiarity is the so-called guides instead of teachers and lack of marking. Guided child on the way from kindergarten to graduation is also My School Project, which accesses the pupil as a personality who bears responsibility for their own learning. "The child learns at school considered the world for their project. Since the first class has become the leader of his life and creating an environment for his development of his inner freedom and responsibility towards each other and the outside world. The purpose of the project is to have a school only for extremely gifted children, but take advantage of the potential of every individual, "explains Andrea Vedralová.

Preschool education generally offer so-called nursery, which is in the Czech Republic more than a hundred. Their principle is a year-round outdoor activities. Background is usually a yurt or teepee, but the children spend most of the day outdoors. The goal of these devices is forming a relationship with nature as well as a healthy lifestyle for young people. They are an alternative to forestry class at the classic nursery where all the facilities offered by the nursery building. Principles of teaching in nature we find in the Czech Republic also at several elementary schools and gymnasiums.

Homeschooling is permitted only in the Czech Republic for the first grade of primary school

The last major alternative to the current education system is home schooling. The principle of home schooling based on the most natural course in the family or community. A child usually taught by parents themselves, or their chosen teacher. Twice a year, then the child must attend school on testing their knowledge. Although the world is a relatively widespread alternative in the Czech Republic, this type of long functioned as an experiment released by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Home tuition is currently permitted for children in primary schools.

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