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Tired of the cold weather? Leave for heat!

Exotic holidays in winter is no longer the prerogative of only the wealthiest. Just choose your destination according to your budget, pack your essentials and head toward sunlight.

Tradition and hot news

Thanks to accessible transportation and travel conditions come travel agencies with a wide range of exotic holidays and in winter. Among the traditional destinations of Czech travelers in the winter months include Thailand, the Canary Islands, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Kenya. If you do your soul a traveler asks for a bit more romance, surely you can also choose from less provařených sites. Increasing popularity gaining need to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Oman and South Africa.

pearls Caribbean

Who would not want to rest under the shade of palms, sip cocktails and wade in the azure blue sea? Especially when thinking of severe cold prevailing in our country. The Caribbean country is still expanding its range of residential trips. One example is the island state of Cuba, which recently opened its arms to travelers from all over the world. If, on the contrary want to enjoy the true Caribbean atmosphere, be sure to visit Jamaica. Are you interested in history and monuments? Then head out to Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. In the Caribbean, its coming just anyone, not just fans of good rum, cigars and pirate movies.

The island romance

Cape Verde, Mauritius, Seychelles, Dominican Republic, Isla Margarita, Maldives, Hawaii. Worldwide they are scattered like drops in the sea of ​​a thousand islands, offering travelers a paradise on earth. The truth is that the holiday in some of these destinations can be quite ventilate your account, but the experience is priceless.

Exotics 'back yard'

Egypt is still the most affordable exotics sticker for our travelers. Among the traditional targets include Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, lately it is also popular lying south of Marsa Alam. Other available destinations include Tunisia and the aforementioned Canary Islands. More and more tourists also visits the United Arab Emirates. During the winter season there last year headed over 40,000 Czech tourists.

Wherever you go, be sure to inquire about the current health and safety situation at your destination. In some countries, for example, will not let go without a valid vaccination against yellow fever. Unwritten duty to take out travel insurance to protect you in case of unexpected events.

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