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Too short bangs? You can complain about a bad hair day

Complaint is not just a way to deal with faulty goods. You can ask for remedy even crooked hair, orange color instead of the required blond hair extensions or falling out. If you happen to run across an inexperienced stylist, you do not have an unsightly result of his work to put up with.

If you set out for a new hairstyle to professional, you enter into a covenant with him for work, even though they do not sign anything. "Hairdresser is obliged to act properly and in accordance with your instructions. At the beginning it therefore thoroughly familiar with its idea. Take the rescue even a picture or photograph with the chosen hairstyle and let us explain what the procedure will involve. It may sound trivial, but it is the easiest way to prevent discontent with the resulting haircut, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Hairdresser must follow the wishes of the customer, the maximum it can highlight the consequences of the order, particularly its unsuitability necessary with regard to the type of hair. "Always check whether the stylist proceeds according to your requirements. If you are not already in progress satisfied and over the opportunity to correct is not, not with hairdresser agree, you can use the legal right to cancel the contract if it can be reasonably expected that the result does not correspond to the award or will suffer shortcomings, "recalls Green and supplies "However, it is your responsibility to pay for the work in the meantime already done, for example, wash hair."

Before paying, check that the resulting hairstyle fits your requirements to cut, shape and overall hue. It's not just the defective nature of work performed, but also impeccable style and flawless highlights, which do not coincide with what you wanted and agreed. "If the result of your ideas differ dožadujte with such modifications and additions to the contract by the hairdresser fulfilled. Agreed remuneration belongs to him only if it complies with its part of the contract. It is only verbal and is therefore difficult to later demonstrate its contents and the subsequent result of conflict with the order. Until a created hairstyle give permission, do not pay. When it comes to pay, do not forget to apply for a document of performed services and their costs, "says Green.

If the stylist does not flow properly and with due diligence that may reasonably be expected of a person of this profession suffers from a legal point of view the result of its activities defect. Defects in the case of hairdressing services means, for example, imprecise, uneven, asymmetrical haircut, unbalanced precut, layout uneven color, poor attachment of new hair and hair loss, hair disproportionate burden for extending the customer. The most common cause is careless design or miscalculation. "Workmanship, will come when it is revealed after paying the price of the service, he can only be subject to complaint. At this moment it can not be argued that the cut or shade that you have seen and sanctified by paying disagrees with the original order, "says Green.

At the hairstyle is not the case known warranty period, in which you can claim defects. Hairdresser responsible only for the outcome upon completion of work. Hidden deficiencies which are clearly due to breach the hairdresser how to fulfill the contract properly, talk, become apparent. "It depends on the nature of the defect, but the primary claim a free repair. If you can not remove the defect, can ask for a discount on the price, "says Green.

Another situation occurs if, for example damage to client assets (colored clothing), or injury (hair loss or unwanted shearing). In this case, the customer is entitled to financial compensation. To quantify the actual damage is necessary to properly document everything, or contact, as appropriate, the physician or expert witness, on whose reports may be based court following a dispute.

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