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Have you swapped license?

Have you swapped license? More than a third of people have already exchanged a driver's license, which will expire soon. Another 760,000 people but still has for the office, if he wants to continue to drive. Regards driving licenses that were issued during 2007 with a term of 10 years, this year was in fact in terms of the number of issued driver's license busiest in history.

In 2007 it was granted a total of 1,146,518 licenses, more than 380,000 people have already exchanged the license, of which last month and left nearly 45,000 drivers. Most licenses remains to be exchanged in Prague, Central Bohemia and South Moravia, in the sum of these three regions account for around 37% of all driver's license, which expires this year.

In terms of age group, which the exchange is possible, a group of drivers aged over 61 years. In this age group remains exchanged over 260,000 licenses. In terms are among the busiest months of March, October and November, in these months in 2007 was issued a driver's license most of the year.

To avoid unnecessary queues, you should wait with a visit to the office. The new driving license can apply for already three months before the expiry date and is completely free, time required for 20 days. In the case of Express Edition to five days, you'll have to pay extra 500 crowns.

The issuance of a new license need to come up with a valid identity card to the competent authority of a municipality with extended powers (by place of residence of the driver) and bring a passport photo and a current driver's license. If drivers do not ask for a replacement in time, there has been under the control of the driver's license had expired fine, which is in place until 2000 crowns, in the case of administrative proceedings to 2500 crowns.

Source: tz, MDČR

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