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Jitka sad and Dana Syslová says, "Age does not exist!"

Jitka sad and Dana Syslová says, "Age does not exist!" Theatre Rococo indicate Jan. 28 premiere comedy premiere youth subtitled Age does not exist! Directed Janky Ryšánek Schmiedtová together for the first time play Jitka sad and Dana Syslová. At the premiere to come to see the author Christian Giudicelli games.

French comedy about two extraordinary women and one big adventure was originally written for Annie Girardot, the Rococo Theatre, you can enjoy Jitka sad and Dan Syslová. What are the characters who decide to rebel against conventions and enjoy to "old age" have some fun?
"My life has cultivated Renata almost gave up, but thanks to a meeting with Simon himself awakened a desire to change. And not only his life but also Simonin. It testifies to the courage of this decision, about the hidden qualities that surprised, "says
Dana Syslová. A sad Jitka adds: "Simon is exactly the kind of woman that any deviation from normality, whatever his or foreign, does nothing, she can now live and can be a partner even in bad times. It is no intellectual, not always decorum, but it's playful. "

According to artistic director and boss Ostrava DPB Janky Ryšánek Schmiedtová's premiere youth, especially the desire to live and experience. All of the women and the actress says, "Do not give up. As it is said, as regards age, regardless of the number, but how you feel. Life is not so long. When you have a desire to change something, change it, there's still time to dream. Still, after what desire ... Do not be afraid to make your dreams come true! "

Who would want to actresses meet and chat with them, they can come to the theater to reprise Rococo youth Premieres Feb. 15. After the performance will meet the creators of the staging that tells you to do behind the scenes testing.

Christian Giudicelli: Youth Premiere

Premiere January 28, 2017 and the second premiere on Feb. 1 in the Rococo Theatre.

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