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70 percent of Japan's largest coral reef died

Ministry officials on Tuesday announced that it has been called. Coral bleaching, which is mainly associated with rising sea temperatures.

The Ministry conducted during November and December survey at 35 locations coral reef, islands between Išigaku and Iriomote in Okinawa Prefecture.

Coral bleaching occurs due to rising sea water temperature, its share has marine pollution and deposition of soil washed away from the mainland, reported to the authorities.

Whitening process has significantly accelerated last year from June to September, when the ocean warmed above normal for one to two degrees. In places the water was teplory 30 ° C.

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Coral bleaching (in English "Bleaching") is certainly not new to the undersea world. It was first observed and described on coral reefs Bird Key in the Florida Keys in 1911, and eighteen years later, on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. In both cases it was a very rare event, bound only to a small area and that marine biologists had seen as a welcome opportunity for insight into the workings of equilibrium dynamics varied ecosystem.

What causes it whitening? Hot summer, calm surface and a long period of calm will cause heating of the deeper horizons otherwise relatively shallow water around coral. Polyps that their meat secreted calcium carbonate forms, already in such conditions can not keep incorporated symbiotic algae. They are getting rid of them, along with their lively structure becomes brittle and transparent. But algae provide corals polyps among up to 90% of their diet. Without them start a sessile and for millennia at each stacking colonies starve. Unless there is a rapid change occurs to the collapse of coral reef, for its bleaching.

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