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Did you get lousy gifts? Send them away!

Always under the tree any. The package, which terrifies you and all you want to touch him. You had guessed (and most infallibly) that you've just received another unneeded. But everything can be neatly get rid of. But first, politely thank for the gift of ...

Many people annually resolves what to do with things, the purchase goes horribly wrong. If you belong to those who, despite the ugliness donations hate to throw them in the garbage, maybe you will welcome the following tips.

Pay. You can put unwanted items to charity. When you go with them must be in a retirement home, you can make a great joy. However, you should be selective - gifts as a scooter or green hair among seniors probably will not have great impact.
Recycle. No, not talking about waste sorting, let lousy gifts to someone else. But beware, the recipient would be the original donor rather not know.
Sell. Offering unwanted goods must be on a social network or online bazaar. Think of this possibility but before you remove the packaging and tags.
Home of. Did you get a gift with a receipt? Then you can return to the store and get a full refund. Additionally eliminates the fear of disclosure, the giver of this possibility probably numbered. Things should have the original packaging and tags, do not use it, do not fight and do not damage.
Replace. Gag gifts are not getting just you. Call a post-Christmas party and organize a bazaar. Or put all the "uselessness and errors" in the bag, and who pulls what, it will receive. However, there is danger that will draw equally severe, if not shocking thing. And the question of "what to do with him?" Will be on the agenda continues.

Within the limits of decency

Even if you feel like sometimes when you expand the unwanted gift laugh or rage, try to keep your emotions under control. Do not overdo it with the pretense of enthusiasm. Jubilation and bouncing over the stack of embroidered handkerchiefs convince anyone. Just say, "That's nice, thank you!" When a donor say goodbye, remember that thing again politely thank. It really does not redistribute that you do not like the gift. You never know when it will run some good-natured donors sue. And if you do not like something you pretend you can be fairly honest. Advance but rather ponder it, what about the subsequent reaction.

Source: Ereska aktivně.cz

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