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Stories to laugh and cry of consumer counseling

It is possible to conclude a contract for the lease of the apartment with the dog and ask him rent? What a car that can not stop the rain, as it showed in advertising? There are laws to take in the food basket? And what if the Civil Code does not even exist? Even such questions solved clinic consumer organizations.

"Consumer Consultative Dtest resolved for the year 2016 more than 36,000 cases. Our legal advisors usually helps consumers to serious violations of their rights, some situations are backwardly seems quaint or amusing, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

For example, advisers had to consider whether it can be considered as misleading advertising, which the manufacturer claims that his car brand "tames elements", taking shots, where wonder that car passes, stops the rain and the seasons change. Consultants are faced with solving complaints sick guinea pig, sometimes they were asked if indeed there is a legal obligation to marry in a supermarket cart. It indignant when consumers complained that he was forced to do so salesgirl after she saw him compose goods from the shelf directly into the prepared plastic bag. The clinic will meet with cases when customers try to outwit the trader and turn against his own weapon. E-shop shoppers ordered an ingenious system in which he was promised the gift of a mobile phone. The statutory 14-day time limit then returned bought a computer and rejoiced that his phone will remain free. Then very surprised when the seller insisted on returning the phone.

"Many dealers do not delay reading law, which should be in the business to drive. The more severely then convince consumers that the rules which it was conceived, the law actually find it, "said Green, adding:" One lady, for example, demanded a refund because of the recurrence of the defect after repair things. Trader told her that withdrawal is allowed, to which she responded by citing the relevant provisions of the Civil Code. To the seller without hesitation he had heard that the Civil Code does not exist. "

Those who admits the existence of the Civil Code, sometimes try to make meaning of its provisions turn completely upside down. An interesting insight into the legal advisors thing, for example, consumer counseling offered one customer that the e-shop got several items than you ordered. After the goods returned, she decided to ask the seller for a finder's fee for those two pieces neobjednaného goods "found" in the mailbox.

Given that the Civil Code does not allow landlords to tenants forbid breed animals in the apartment, the landlord wanted one that turned to counseling, help in a way that the dog will charge at least some sort of accommodation fee. But how to solve if the law prohibits reduce the rights of the tenant, which is why it was such a fee is illegal? Owner in a desperate attempt to find a legally clean solution suggested that the dog could become a full-fledged party to the lease agreement, which would create an obligation to pay the monthly rent.

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