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Where is the tree after Christmas?

The needles from the Christmas tree, sooner or later begins to move under the Christmas tree. And sooner or later you dare to make a tree ... and odstrojíte throw. But it certainly necpěte a container for mixed waste. There would be unnecessarily interfered with. Prague City Hall advises that you leave the Christmas tree in a container.

Deflected trees do not belong in containers for mixed waste, because it reduces their capacity. In case you have a publicly accessible garbage can or container for mixed waste, such as the settlements, it is possible to freely postpone trees beside them. In apartment buildings and houses, where the bins are not freely accessible, bring a Christmas tree to the next container for recycling.

If it's within your power, then discard the tree ideally the day before the municipal waste removal in order to needlessly compounding over a longer period of time. The trees are in vehicles on municipal waste management is in regular waste collection days and their removal will take place throughout January and February. Trees ends at specialized customer who chipper where trees and those that subsequently serve as fuel for example. Dirty or improperly stripped trees wander along with mixed waste for energy recovery in ZEVO Malešice.

Something else is if you threw an artificial Christmas tree. If such a tree has served its time, certainly not in a container for sorted or unsorted waste, but a collection point.

Information about the operating time of collection yards are available on the portal

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