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Grandmother of ice, love story from the environment hardy

Grandmother of ice, love story from the environment hardy Representative of the main character of the ice Grandmother director Bohdan Slama actress Susan Kronerová underwent for the role of intensive preparation associated with not only the actors but also of the initiation rite into the hardening process. She trained for several months, to then be able to shoot a scene in the winter in cold Vltava. In a story full of love, giving hope that life can take into their own hands at any age, she played alongside Paul New.

Baba feature film of ice trying to uncover with humor the difficult family relationships between three generations and is played Marek Daniel, Václav Neužil, Petra Špalková or Tatiana Vilhelmová. The film enters Czech cinemas on February 23.


After meeting with hardy Brona, played by Paul New, widowed Hana starts at filing Zuzana Kronerová gradually change their stereotypical life, which has so far revolved solely around her two sons, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. While sixties Hana experiencing a love story, relationships in her family collapses and Haniným unexpected ally becomes grandson Ivanek. In the film, in rolls Hardy will also actors Marie Ludvíková or Lubos Vesely and members of the swimming club I hardy Prague.

"Susan is my representative fragile and strong femininity, it also has comic talent. Highly of the role was, but in the beginning said it was chilly. Then she decided to enter the water and the role was hers. When she found out that her hardening assists, gave her strength, confidence. Helped her both physically and mentally, literally rejuvenated, "says director Bohdan Slama. In his latest film, perhaps surprisingly he won the New Paul, for whom the male lead producers suggested Oukropec Petr and Pavel Strnad. "We tried scene where the figure of Paul of New confesses main heroine love. It was a confession female guy that nobody else could capture this. Cooperate with him was a happy decision, "the director recalls Straw.

Actors were the creators very brave, the water had even twice a day and twice in a row, which was quite challenging, even for experienced Hardy. "When he came Bohdan Slama, so I said: Well, finally, that it lasted. A play with Zuzana Kronerová is happy, it's a wonderful actress, open soul and a sense of humor. Great talent and an actor is done by me Vízek Daniel, who played his grandson Ivanka, "said Paul New, who was the only one of the actors experience with hardening before filming.

Grandmother image of ice originated in the Czech-Slovak-French co-production. Co-producers for the Czech Republic are Negative, Czech TV Barrandov Studio i / o post. Film supported by the State Cinematography Fund. Distributor of the film's Falcon. International distribution company it bought Match Factory.

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