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You drive torment meal? We know better deal

Christmas and the turn of the year is for many people a more liberal regime - even as food is concerned. But if you over-eat constantly, you can go much deeper problem. Maybe you gluttony trying to suppress something that you would not rather not think about.

Many people who are prone to overeating and subsequent obesity, seduces his problems on ancestral tendencies. It's hard, but you need to admit that these "genetic predisposition" are basically just habits to a diet. Unfortunately incorrect. Many psychologists have been led to believe that in fact no universal cause of overeating does not exist. Each person has their own reasons for doing it with food exaggerating. In many cases they are even hidden deep in the subconscious.

Substitute for love and success

Prone to overeating strongly associated with an eating disorder called bulimia . It is characterized by a constant desire for food with occasional overeating - that eating large amounts of food in a short time. Problems with bulimia may also signal the secret of overeating or the efforts of these tendencies from the environment camouflage. Often, it is excessive food intake "compensated" artificial vomiting or misuse of laxatives. In affected themselves already commonly guilt of eating and depression can also meet up with certain fixed ideas regarding diet, extreme weight fluctuations, and the like. And what for uncontrollable food cravings can frequently?
Stress, anxiety or unventilated needs - these people food is a means to unwind and relax.
Lack of love, joy of life and satisfaction in a relationship or a job
- the food here really fills some form of emptiness.
Raw emotion - it is basically a masking of feelings that I can not adequately handle and vent.
Rebellion against each other - many of us creates in the lives of many expectations, sometimes unrealistic and very strict, for example in terms of diet. Strict bans then seduces violations, which often end up overeating.

Especially not dieting!

Solving the problem with overeating should always be complex. It may help to many experts. Dietitian suggests creating an appropriate nutrition plan so that you starving. Psychologist or psychotherapist arrange diagnostic self-destruct program in your brain and thinking and direct you to the right path - for example, by using relaxation or meditation. Help can also provide expert on obesity. General recommendations then read as follows.
Eat regularly. Optimal 3-5 servings per day. It is necessary to avoid the feeling of starvation because of stress hormones everything back "to normal".
Skip the diet. The vast majority of them are based on some food restrictions, many of them are also starving. However, this leads only to stress and washout of cortisol from adrenal glands. The purpose of this hormone is yet to prepare the body for a rainy day or equip it with grease.
Practice. Energy expenditure helps weight loss and training alone supplies the brain endorphins, a hormone of happiness. Taste overeating is then subdued.
Meditate. This technique can help reveal the underlying causes of gluttony.
Seek help from a psychologist. Especially when trying to lose weight larger number of pounds of this step is necessary. An expert will teach you relaxation techniques to help overcome the feeling of an empty stomach and also tames the mind "rogue" denied food.

What can handle homeopathy

If overeating solved using homeopathic remedies, it is best to find appropriate for a particular patient called. Field medicine. He was intended to help a psychological, endocrine and emotional. Most proven homeopathic preparations to help those who have decided to do away with bad habits as overeating, are listed below. It is possible to take a day 1 × 5 pellets dilution 15CH or 30CH dilutions in 1 × week.

Argentum nitricum
- occupies in people who have big cravings for sweets. They overeat mainly chocolate and other sweet, although they them paradoxically worse. Excessive consumption leads to bloating, flatulence and heartburn. Sometimes, however, these individuals may yearn after salty chips. The drug is suitable for people with impulsive behavior, such as those who are "ice" fits and starts. They may suffer from anxiety in anticipation, three or fixed ideas.

Ignatia Amara
- preparation helps people perfectionism that characterizes the subtext of hysterical behavior. For example, often suffer from grief or disappointment, for example, after the loss of a partner. In some cases it may intervene even misplaced criticism. In these patients, there are numerous fears of a thickening or fear of rejection surroundings. Behavior and mood vary widely, from isolation and silent grief to anger and irritability.

Natrum muriaticum
- the product is suitable for the same speeches, which occupies Ignatia Amara. But Natrum muriaticum is especially good fit for individuals very sensitive emotionally site. All sorts of disappointments already experienced, and now they are afraid of others. On the other hand, are easily affected by any, even an innocent remark. Any failure in the form of overeating at them leads to a strong sense of guilt. Sometimes they tend to have a big appetite for salty things and intense thirst.

- is the remedy for people overeating addresses stored in the depths of fear that they will be abandoned and unloved. Alternatively zajídají feelings of loneliness or depression. Their basic desire is to be cared for and is the center of attention. These people actually eating to soothe themselves, leading to large fluctuations in weight. Often they have fixed ideas about the weight, meals and the like.

- composition suitable for individuals who zajídají bitterness, guilt or depression, low self esteem and feelings of worthlessness. Deep down they feel they deserve nothing. Drug also helps people oppressed and ponižovaným - whether at work or relationships.

Antimonium crudum
- it's actually symptomatic cure for overeating everything. It corresponds to situations where the question consumes absolutely everything "haphazardly". Then board the feelings of fullness, belching, vomiting and possibly with the taste of the food ingested. Sometimes it is also evident diarrhea remains undigested food. If criticizes someone, these individuals are strongly irritation.

Calcarea carbonica - suitable for overweight and flabby person with a tendency to excessive consumption of food. She can not control her cravings and mainly to the "wrap around nerves." They tend hungry soon after eating and is also troubled by problems with digestion. It is slow and the lack fullest. Then they suffer either acidic diarrhea, severe constipation, or vice versa. In addition to the desire for excessive amounts of food have cravings for eggs and indigestible and poorly digested food. This drug is suitable to put each time the diet.

Graphites - is an ideal preparation for women close to menopause that are pale and sensitive to cold. They often suffer from constipation, dry skin and tend to have cold feet.

Author of the article: MD. Jaroslav Čupera
Specialization: Intensive Medicine
Source: U lékař

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