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Shorten the treatment of bronchitis natural way

You know, just a couple of cold days and there is a viral bronchitis - bronchitis. Antibiotics should viruses did not work, so probably no choice but to lie down and suffer. Or is there another solution?

Not like nutmeg nutmeg

Pelargonium sidoides, plant of the family kakostovitých comes from coastal areas of South Africa. Excels slender dark-red to purple flowers and large heart-shaped leaves that resemble the leaves of geraniums. Besides geraniums are close relatives of this plant whose root in southern Africa for centuries used as a natural remedy for inflammation of the airways.

Currently sidoides Pelargonium grown on farms and organic farming methods. From the roots extract is obtained which is effective treatment for infection of the upper respiratory tract . And it's not about some "old wives' medicine.

Showed an effect!

Efficacy Pelargonium sidoides, accurately extract EPs 7630, has been proved by clinical studies. It was a respectable type of studies with large numbers of participants. Patients were divided into groups receiving active drug and the group that used a placebo - a substance without effect. This division has been done so that the content of the tablets did not know the patients nor their doctors. The conclusions are therefore extremely reliable.

Thus, high-quality trials, a total of six. The results showed that:
compared with placebo is Pelargonium sidoides uniquely effective
Symptoms of bronchitis (bronchitis) as cough, chest pain and fever receded faster in those who received EPs 7630. This is important in terms of quality of life and an earlier return to work and normal activities,
side effects in both groups (in those treated with EPs 7630 and taking a blank tablet) comparable.

It is therefore an efficient, safe and well-tolerated drug that not only brings emotional relief, but actually helps to heal faster. This assistance is all the more valuable that when inflammation of viral origin can not be put on antibiotics.

Source: U lékař
Author of the article: MD. Tereza Kopecká

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