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Effective whisk to crawl destroyer liver

In the fight against hepatitis C doctors finally cease to pull the shorter end of the stick. On the horizon looms a treatment option that has no serious side effects and can get rid of the virus, nine out of ten!

inconspicuous infection

Hepatitis virus ( "jaundice"), type C annually infects about one thousand inhabitants Czech. Estimates are that it is already infected about every five hundredth Czech citizen. Many of them do not know it, because this virus often settle without significant symptoms in the liver for years and is damaging.

93% cure

Report raises hope therefore that one of the pharmaceutical companies is ready to bring to market a drug for hepatitis C genotype 1, which is not used for the treatment of interferon and should be able to cope with the disease within 12 weeks. Combinations of drugs daclatasviru, asunapreviru and beclabuviru could - according to a study published in the prestigious American medical journal The Journal of the American Medical Association - from Hepatitis C Assistance for 93 percent of the 112 participants who already had diagnosed liver cirrhosis, and not until then because of hepatitis treatment .

Minimal side effects

Promising combinations of active ingredients could also get rid of the virus, 87 percent (93 percent if it was added to the combination of ribavirin) of 90 people who already had failed antiviral therapy. And what is important - during the research, which took place between December 2013 and September 2014, only 9 participants reported severe side effects of treatment. The frequent occurrence of serious side effects because - in addition to high prices - a disadvantage of existing "traditional" therapy with ribavirin and interferon.

Therapies cheaper than transplantation

New potential drug was also tested in combination with other drugs and in such combinations proved highly efficient. Shows promise as a relatively low cost compared to the cost to treatment or liver transplantation. New market competition promises greater pressure to reduce prices and increase access to treatment. With the availability of treatments related to the sensitive topic of interconnection of hepatitis C and intravenous drug use. As one of the routes of transmission are really arguing sharing of syringes by drug addicts who are also in serious health problems rarely seek medical help.

Early treatment saves lives

On the agenda is a particular issue early detection and initiation of treatment before there is significant liver damage. Chronic hepatitis type C may (without exaggeration) cause:
liver fibrosis (multiplication of tissue in the body at the expense of functional tissue)
cirrhosis of the liver,
Hepatocellular carcinoma (a type of cancer)

And because of a creeping disease progression is important to have an effective treatment that can hepatitis C virus quickly end. We have to realize that even after decades will come to the clinics, people with liver destroyed by this type of jaundice who are infected today.

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