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Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more common, hackers sparing businesses or households

The number of cyber attacks increases, while only about a third of small and medium-sized companies, according to experts, well-secured computer network. Organized criminal structures behind cyber attacks often stands mostly used by errors in internal and external security of the corporate IT infrastructure.

Especially with the development of so-called Internet of Things, which connects and common appliances every day, increasing the importance of good security against cyber attacks. The vulnerable are not only the companies but also households that used conventional Wi-Fi router or smart TV. According to experts, have up to two thirds Companies gaps in the security of their IT infrastructure. Basic security for small business networks, while not expensive, prices of top security technologies are counted in thousands.

"Roughly 60 percent of small and medium-sized companies have insufficiently secure computer network, various security gaps, however, can be found in the vast majority of companies," he described very good security status of the computer infrastructure of Czech companies Milan Urban (COMIMPEX). "Basic security small business network including firewall and a lockable rack while you can get it for about 18,000 crowns including installation costs, "said Urban.

Cyber ​​attacks - the domain of organized crime

While previously cyber attacks were mainly the work of individuals or small groups, there can no longer speak about organized crime. "Networks of firms and households currently threaten mainly organized and centrally controlled criminal groups. Corporate computer can then be used to attack the infrastructure of their owners or as a base for more attacks. Meanwhile, owners of computers usually have no idea what's happening, "he outlined the current situation in the field of cyber security Michal Rezac, director of platform for cybersecurity KYBEZ. The goal of the attackers, according to him, not only sensitive data, such as names and passwords for different applications, but also the actual performance computers.

All of this operates on a commercial basis. "In an environment of so-called dark net hacker attack can be ordered like any other commodity. Its price varies according to the type of organization, which is to be maintained, or the nature and amount of data that they get through it. Buy today he can and software tools that can be used to implement hacker attacks, "said the current cyber attacks Palyza George, director of the National Center for Safer Internet.

The trend is also different forms of blackmail virus. They attack the victim's computer, encrypt the data on the disk and require to pay a ransom for providing keys for reverse engineering.

At risk are not only the company, the attack can threaten to households

While previously threatened cyberattacks mainly corporate computer networks, currently the viewfinder attackers are starting to get also the owners of mobile phones and home. "An increasing number of attacks on mobile platforms, especially for smartphones with Android operating system, as well as devices from the Internet of Things such as the need smart television, "said George Palyza new trend. Smart TVs and phones can then be built through cameras and microphones become a spy device, which sends the collected user data into databases attacker.

Risk as well as insecure or completely unsecured home Wi-Fi network. Their signal often extends into neighboring apartments or on the concourse and in the local network are yet often shared data to which access had no unauthorized person. In an unprotected network has such an intruder to easily gain access to shared files such as family photos or videos. "The threat is also access to a shared Internet connection. Besides the fact that someone may unjustly take capacity Internet connection, this approach can also be used for criminal activities. Traces then comes to an end at just connections unsuspecting customers, "explained the risk of poorly secured home Wi-Fi Milan Urban.

Two levels of security - internal and external

Effective security of company networks against cyber attacks can be divided into security against external environment and internal security measures. In the first area includes mainly the installation of firewall performance, security workstations using anti-virus tools to protect Wi-Fi with a strong password, and other tasks. Equally important and often underestimated but also the internal security environment. "For example, we often encounter servers with sensitive corporate data, which stand freely accessible in offices. Server rooms are often unlocked and open to anyone, "said Milan Urban. He added that in addition to technical resources is very important too careful analysis of the risks and safety awareness among employees. Organized group of hackers is to attack the corporate IT often use a combination of the two routes - the lack of computer network security and risk behaviors of employees who may, for example, open an infected attachment in an e-mail.

In the case of households and home offices is a minimum security mainly strong enough password to access Wi-Fi, activating firewall and install antivirus software on all devices. And not just on a computer or tablet, but also on mobile phones. But also important is the regular backup of data must be on an external drive and prudent behavior. Many attacks are in fact implemented so that the user opens an unknown e-mail attachment or perform some action on the fake website.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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