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Asma Soar Guinea

Asma is 20 years. The project "Adoption of African children -help at a distance" Asma was cut short when she was 8 years old. Almost all the time Asma supported one family from Hradec Kralove, who decided to allow one girl to the other side of the world to fulfill their dreams.

Even if they have never seen before, created between Asma and family very friendly relationship. Through letters and photos that you exchanged several times a year, to create a bond that at least we think in today's digital world, very rare. The biggest surprise for Asma was when she got from her, "Czech families' computer, which needed to study at university. You would not believe how much happiness and joy can be hidden in a laptop.

Asma grew up with three siblings and mother. My father, who worked as a department head at the Technical University in Conakry, died when he was three years Asma. The family was left without funds and life will soon narrowed down to procure food for the family and the basic needs for survival. The fact that all four children could go to school, the mother could only dream of.

When it became possible to include all siblings in the program of the Centre Dialog "Adoption of African children - distance help project", so no one knew how much the life of the whole family changes. Gradually three Czech families took three siblings and the distance is still supported in the study. That this effort a helping hand to someone who lives thousands of kilometers away bears its results, we can easily persuaded when we look at the academic achievements that children have today. Asma second year studying economics university dream, her sister Binta successfully completing a BA at the University of customs reports Nong Conakry and brother of Alia ends this year, the last year of high school.

When we Asma asked about her plans for the future, and replied very definitely a grown-up. "I want to finish college and get a doctorate in management, because I want to be in life, a good career and gain the opportunity to continue to help children in need, as once me and my family. "and yet another dream she would like Asma fulfilled:" I want to look for his adoptive family, how they live, how they really look, and thank them for everything for me and my family did and still they are doing. "

Author: Anna Happy

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