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All or nothing

All or nothing A romantic comedy about two majitelkách small bookshop and their life escapades with men. The film based on a story first of several highly successful books, best-selling author Slovak currently Evita Urbaníková, reference comedy, which mainly targets women. I therefore took co-directed screenplay, director Marta Ferencová.

"We want it to be fresh, funny, contemporary film, we have great actors, costumes and locations," he explained comedy director. "It is a very unique project. It was created by books that only Slovak sold 200,000 copies. These best actor we were looking for in multiple countries, "said producer Igor Konyukov.

Linda and Vanda are inseparable friends. They thirties, are co-owners of a small bookstore in the city center, but are otherwise distinct. Linda (Tatiana Pauhofová) is divorced, educated, practical, she has a young daughter and a sense of responsibility. This in turn is missing a free, fun, independent Vanda (Klara Issová), which, while attracts men like a magnet, but its not enough spontaneity. And looking for the right one. Actively. The shop works with them mate Edo (Kostelný Lubos), who longs for love forever, but as a shy, sensitive and introverted gay it is hard.

The lives of this trio entangles several men. Linda comes in the way charismatic developer Jakub (Michal Zebrowski), which is not what she seems. Vandy former professor from the university Aladar (Krysztof Tyniec), which is willing to take, "because he loves her." And Edo again adapts another friend, Leo (Petr Vanek). But in the end everything will turn out differently than everyone waiting ...

In the life of a major triad hit also figures that play Andrew Sokol, Pawel Delage, Hřebíčková Peter, Susan Kronerová, in smaller roles will appear Ludek Saturday, Jan Budař, Vlastina Svátková, Vaclav Krejci Vampire, Leos Mares, Amelia Pokorná and more.

Romantic comedy All or Nothing you can go to the cinema since 12 January 2017.

Source: DL, tz

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