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The Strasbourg Court will resolve doubtful barnevernetu seven kauzách

European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has accepted to discuss five complaints against Norway, respectively. Norwegian social service Barnevernet, and has informed the Norwegian Government. Over the next months in Strasbourg apparently also targets action Michalákové Eva and her family.

Current action accuses Norway mainly from violations of the right to family and private life. Families warn that there is a distribution siblings are severely limited contact with the biological parents, the children are placed on foreign foster parents a place to grandparents and one case concerns the forced adoptions. Such a high number of complaints received and delivered a Norwegian media .

"Notice the five (according to unverified information, even seven) complaints Norwegian Government marks a break. It means that the Strasbourg court found strong indications that human rights violations by Norway actually occurred. Such cases in practice usually ends settlement or judgment of conviction, "explains lawyer Pavel Hasenkopf." Cases in which the defendant government had a chance to defend, ie. 90% of all complaints is without any justification filter out and reject a single Judge, respectively. three-membered committee of judges. This filter is so effective that it will not pass even a large number of legitimate complaints, and many injustices so effectively swept under the carpet, "he adds.

Notification of complaints Norwegian government also confirmed Slovak Government Commissioner for representing Slovakia before the ECHR Marica Pirošíková that cases taken of children in Norway has followed, saying: "The communication of the complaints, the Norwegian government takes place in 2016 in an atmosphere when several deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, including leading Slovak delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe added to the initiative by the Romanian parliamentarians active in case of withdrawal of children Bodnáriových notifying systemic violations of children's rights in Norway by the social services, and further requesting that the adoption of the resolution in this regard. "

"From this report, I am very happy. It's another way to continue the systematic pressure on Norway, "says MEP Thomas Zdechovský, which is in contact with dozens of families affected." I can confirm that the complaints will increase, because the parents are only now discovering that they have this option. Previously relying only on remedies in Norway, which may be the return of children to fight basically forever, but in vain. It was also Eva Michaláková, thanks to whose courage to speak openly, many parents have found the courage to further non-standard steps, "adds Zdechovský, which is divided in to help families continue actively involved.

"It is obvious that Štasburský court noted that Norway is happening something very dangerous, and finally decided to investigate further the Norwegian practice. Several different cases gives the opportunity not only to reveal sub excesses, but particularly clearly visible systemic flaws. Norway has issued a childcare wrong way, and threatened that she issued and Czech institutions, "says
Mrs Jitka Chalánková that engages mainly in the case of Eve Michalákové. If this case is concerned, Czech Republic pledged to join future complaints Mrs. Michalákové the ECHR. However, this is the first vain attempt to achieve their rights through the procedure for returning the children to her care before the Norwegian courts. this procedure is currently under appeal to the district court in Oslo. the Czech government in this proceeding have already intervened and submission prepared under the auspices of Deputy foreign Minister Martin Smolka likely contributed least to reverse the forced adoptions younger David. the family still remain without any news about children and contact them asking in vain.

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