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Obsession Erika Bornova in Špála Gallery

New Cycle Obsession remarkable Czech sculptor and painter Erika Bornova presents until December 4 eponymous exhibition at the Vaclav Spala Gallery at National Avenue 30 in Prague 1st

Loosely conceived cycle of new paintings and sculptures are the author's private tribute significantly longer nežijícím mecenáškám patrons and art. A substantial part of the exhibition consists of inspiring and imaginary portraits of women - artists who in the past managed to carve out its place in the otherwise all-male art world.

Especially the artist's sculptures impress not only through magical realism, but also an exceptional material: All sculptures are made of colored polystyrene, which can masterfully handle Erika Bornová. The exhibition, curated by Martina Pachmanová, is open daily 11 to 19 hours. Accompanied by the release of a comprehensive monograph Fragile monuments mapping the artist's previous work.

Art as an obsession

Obsession, whether it be artistic passion or purely private passion between a man and a woman - this is the theme of the exhibition Erika Bornova, whose theme is patron, patroness, and woman-artist, which were often present partner of important and famous men. The Galeri Vaclav Spala so alongside the painting "portraits" Alexandr Brandeis, Anthony Veith, Josef Hlávka and Sidonie Wonderful created the technique of acrylic on canvas appear as other characters familiar from art history. Of colored polystyrene is necessary carved French sculptress Camille Claudel or painter Georgia O'Keeffe, Toyen or Frida Kahlo. And its place there is Madame de Pompadour: a woman known mainly as the mistress of Louis XV. in fact i was versatile and talented artist in his time and enlightened artistic female donor ...

"The phenomenon of obsession for me is interesting from two perspectives: on the one hand I'm interested in the artist's obsession with his work, but also patrons obsession of the artist's work. That's why I created a portrait series of important deceased patrons and also a series of portraits of artists who are obsessed with their work, "says Erika Bornová. He was in his painting and sculptural work often deals with precisely the status and plight of women in the past and present. Strong male figures are indeed surrounded herself even in their privacy: her husband is a significant Czech painter Thomas Císařovský, her father was a well-known illustrator, painter and animator Adolf Born. Erika Bornová not long ago chose their own way: creating sculptures of lightweight polystyrene been systematically as one of our creative artists and artists since the late 90s.

fragile monuments

"Polystyrene is my favorite material," says Erika Bornová. "The structure resembles marble, but it also gives me a lot of freedom - as the only one of sculptural materials allows me to, I could carve the statue larger than life, and then he is out of his studio in the sixth floor itself take away, "says the artist. Most of the sculptures - carved chainsaw, knife and scalpel - then gently koloruje and complements hair, costume jewelry, artificial grass, goose feather or fish scales. "People sometimes think that statue from polystyrene be finished suffering because when cutting issues horrible sounds , but that's not true. If you know where and how to cut it zakrojit, it's beautifully quiet and uplifting, "says sculptor.

Erika Bornová (b. 1964) is one of the most prominent Czech women artists strong generation of the 80s of the 20th century. The sculptor is also an original painter and illustrator. Her miraculous works inhabiting the space between reality and dream are represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague, South Bohemian Gallery, Wannieck, at the Castle Mikulov and in many private collections of domestic and foreign collectors.

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