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Here it is. Švandovo state theater tragicomedy about life and death.

Tragicomedy It's dedicated to the last man things going in the Studio Švandovo theater director Victoria Čermáková. Chamber music in three acts from the moment most played contemporary British playwright Caryl Churchill's will premiere on October 22.

There are few things in life that are an absolute certainty. In addition to his own death. Fortunately, even for something as lonely as death, we are not alone - we may not be ... I about it tells a remarkable game It's (Here We Go) author Caryl Churchill (1938), which ranks among the best British playwrights from Shakespeare to Beckett.

Last Things

"What will happen when it arrives? How about we will talk to our funeral? From what we fear and what's good humor? What is death? What is left to say or do? These and other questions can be found in Caryl Churchill, "says director Victoria Čermáková." The game tells us also about the fact that maybe now is the right time to think about such actions, thoughts and emotions pave their way, "he says director.

"It's the first production under the thematic series" Intimacy - Anonymity - Aggression "Švandovo Studio Theatre. Explores the theme of human intimacy and the viewers' attention turns to the issue of the last things a man of our time, "says dramaturge Libor Vodicka.

So we can look forward to an unexpectedly conceived theme, the idea of ​​a strong, honed replicas on casting. It consists of Robert Jaskowy, Tomas Petrik Andrea Buršová, Tomas Červinek and visiting Miluse Hradska. Also of interest is set and costumes by Barbara Wojtkowiak, movement cooperation Halki Třešňáková and music, under which it is signed by the musician and comic author Myka. Reloaded game Lucie Kolouchová.

Caryl Churchill, star of contemporary drama

"Our psyche is set thousands of years, so it is still engaged alongside life and death. At a time when it should be discarded, displace and talking about it, we do not see it, we just do not have it, I think then our soul suffers. Ill, variously distort their faces and bulging. That is why we are in this game released in Švandovo theater, "says Victoria Čermáková. That already in the Studio Theatre staged the Švandovo example Shaman hilarious adaptation of the eponymous short story by Egon Bondy, signed by the author and under Putin and Biľak play in the vault.
Text Caryl Churchill anyway it now offers high quality and inspirational artwork: It's a game (Here We Go) in 2015 with considerable success as the National Theatre in London. Do Švandovo theater thus takes less than a year after its worldwide premiere.

Ovations from audiences and critics alike for many years now but reaps itself author: "It is impossible to imagine the landscape of contemporary drama without Caryl Churchill," he wrote in The Guardian in 2012 that dramatically highlights inter alia, that "altered the language of contemporary theater." Meanwhile, The Telegraph her for her innovative approach called even "David Bowie's contemporary drama".

Prime Minister games It's in the Studio Theatre Švandovo is this Saturday, October 22, the first and second performances are scheduled for October 26 and November 3.

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