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Švanda Theatre: the role of Pied Piper Klara Cibulkova

Classic title in the new transcript and boutique directorial processing offers the Švanda Theatre upcoming production of The Pied Piper of ancient Saxon legend. Screenplay by master Viktor Dyk wrote Martin Kinsky, in the title role of Pied Piper busiest actress currently see Švandovo Theatre Klara Cibulkova. Premiere at the Great Hall is scheduled for November 5, 2016 under the direction of Doda Gombár.

It is different, mysterious and here. Ratcatcher.
They called him to rid the city of rats. Are the originators of all the difficulties of the population. And he'll do it. Its songs rats leads to certain death. All are relieved and the piper will go on. At least it always has been. But what if there will be different? How fades murmur rats and krysařova song stand out other sounds. The Pied Piper is here and nothing from him can not hide ...

Being who worries

One of the top works of Czech fiction of the 20th century, the Pied Piper Viktor Dyk, still encourages artists to different concepts and interpretations. Švandovo theater to see him as a "game too motives living legend": the riveting story, a magical atmosphere and a surprising cast. Pied Piper here is played by a woman, the actress Klara Cibulkova. "Being neither male nor female. The Pied Piper is a creature of concern, has a special attraction for the neighborhood, "says director Dodo Gombár." It's somebody much more than just "driving out the rats," exposes the nature of those encounters. We are also thinking about the cast Cibulkové Clara took the lead Viktor Dyk, who writes that the Pied Piper is an extremely delicate female hand up, almost feminine movements. This irritates his surroundings, forcing the strange vigilance, but also openness. I wanted to bring this decision to the staging of paradox and natural, non-theatrical tension, "the director adds.

The other roles act Reka Derzsi, Jacob Erftemeijer, Marek Pospíchal, Alena Štreblová, Lubos Vesely Miroslav Hruska, Bohdan Pavlikova, Martin Short, Eva Josefíková, David Punčochář, Peter Buchta ad. Dramaturg and author theater transcript is Martin Kinsky, whose copyrights belong game Pankrác '45 Švandovo theater's most successful titles of this and last season.

Krysařovo is a special talent and a kind of hidden power being chosen, or is it more of a curse? Why were they worried about people who previously would have passed unnoticed? And what if the rats were obviously worked only alibi for what was in people being born a long time ago? I put these questions soon Pied Piper in Prague Švanda Theatre.

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