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MSF in Aleppo: Patients must wait until others die.

MSF is asking the Syrian government and its allies to stop the bombardment of Aleppo, died as a result countless civilians. September 28 bombing seriously damaged and put out of business the next two hospital supported by MSF. It happened just hours before a meeting of the UN Security Council.

"Planes bombed Syrian coalition sprinkles eastern Aleppo, which became a huge trap in which residents are trapped and die. The Syrian government must stop indiscriminate bombing. And Russia - as the indispensable political and military ally - should make the effort to bombing stopped, "said the chief of operations for MSF Xisco Villalonga.

According to government medical facilities in eastern Aleppo take between 21 and 26 September hospitals that are in this part of the city still in operation, more than 822 wounded. Among them were at least 221 children. The hospital was also transported 278 dead, of whom 96 were children.

Patients must wait until others die

"All intensive care units are overcrowded. Patients must wait until others die so that they can be transferred to an ICU bed. We have only three operating theaters and just yesterday we had done more than twenty major abdominal surgery. Hospital staff working up to twenty hours a day - they can not just go home and let people die, "the doctor said Abu Waseem manager casualty hospital in eastern Aleppo, which MSF supports.

The huge number of wounded rapidly depleting supplies in all hospitals. MSF has managed to get into the city medical supplies during the short August break the siege, since it was not impossible to replicate. "In recent months we have done everything in our power that we continue to support the hospital in Aleppo. Now that is a city under siege, a growing number of attacks on humanitarian convoys and intensified bombing, we are helpless, "said Villalonga.

The situation in Aleppo was already critical before a renewed offensive. "In April, when it was bombed Quds hospital, then went to the worst offensive. Even its intensity but subsequent attempts to overcome. If the bombing continues at this rate, in a few days does not stand even one hospital, "says Villalonga that were in eastern Aleppo from April attacks affected all hospitals. Health facilities have been damaged in recent months in western Aleppo.

"Russia and other members of the UN Security Council must respect the resolution on the protection of medical devices and cease to despise human life, as it does now in Aleppo. Reckless and brutal bombing must stop immediately, and the need to introduce measures that would allow for the evacuation of critically ill and wounded in areas where they have access to adequate health care. Any lesser measures only confirm what everyone fears: that the world has completely forsaken the people of Aleppo and gave them the mercy of violent and agonizing death,
"said Villalonga.

MSF supports eight hospitals in Aleppo. In northern Syria, leading six health facilities and other supporting more than 150 medical centers and hospitals across the country, many of them in the besieged areas.

Source: tz LBH

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