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How to set up and maintain heating? You can also save thousands each year

Soon, in our homes they melt boilers and radiators begin pleasantly warm. Home advantage will be that prepared for the heating season. The beginning of autumn is the last chance for inspection of boilers, chimneys and possible repair of radiators. Thanks to the seven basic tips can prevent disasters, which stops the boiler heats and also optimize your heating bill.

Early preparation for winter will pay off. Saves time, nerves and money. Whether you heat the condensing boiler, heat pump, boiler, coal or electric heaters, sometimes just a little to pay for the warmth of thousands less. "The price of the kilowatt-hours of natural gas is around 1.50 crowns per kilowatt hour of heat from heating plants, people will pay approximately 2 crown a kilowatt-hour of electricity used for heating costs about 2.60 crowns, "says Michal Doležel (E.ON Advisor). You do not just go into the exchange boiler to your heating bill reduced.

Have the boiler and chimney

Regular inspection of the boiler and chimney are not extras, but should have a regular place in your calendar. It is crucial for the safety and prolongs the life of the boiler. A contractor should check not only the boiler, but also venting. "Especially with gas boilers checks should not be neglected. The technician should focus on the state of the burner tightness of the combustion chamber and the flue, "says Dolezel.

Hand in hand with monitoring the boiler goes to inspect chimneys. This is mainly safety. Clogged chimney flue can easily cause a fire. The temperature of the flame in this case reaches up to 1200 ° C so that there is often damage to the roof and roof trusses and subsequent reconstruction is expensive. Price controls boiler while around a few hundred crowns.

Shop timely fuel

How much heating for pay depends on a number of parameters. Winter temperatures can affect, however purchase fuel at a reasonable price, yes. Mainly wood or pellets are subject to seasonal fluctuations - they are the cheapest in the spring and summer. Even at the beginning of autumn, you can run into promotions. When you heat the gas or electricity bill can be optimized by using special offers its supplier, possibly changing it.

Check and bleed the radiators

Our attention should before the heating season not miss any radiators. Start by them sucks dust. Look pipe and possible corrosion coat special paint used on radiators. If you are using a reflective sheet positioned behind the heater, check it and replace if necessary - when heating is useful because it reflects heat back into the room and prevents heat loss. Radiators bleed, check valves and gauges when they are placed on them (typically in residential buildings). With the onset of winter, make sure that you did not stand in front of radiators, large pieces of furniture or obscure heavy curtains that would prevent the circulation of heat in the room.

Set the thermostat to the right temperature

Each of us meets other interior temperature. Each additional degree but are reflected in the final bill for heating. While in the living room, experts recommend a temperature of about 21 ° C to 22 ° C in the bedroom reduce heating preferably at 18 ° C. I reduced interior temperature by one degree brings in the final sum substantial savings. Modern controllers allow you to choose the appropriate temperature for day and night. For example, it is not necessary that the boiler house or apartment heated by the morning and part of the afternoon, when you're still at work. During this time, just the interior of the house or apartment is only slightly tempered.

Replace boiler with subsidies

Minor austerity measures may miss the effect, if your house is heated by an outdated boiler to gas or coal. And this fall, you can receive a grant to replace the boiler in the so-called kotlíkových subsidies. "Pot grants can cover up to 85 percent of the investment costs are deductible up to 150,000 crowns. A household can get a new boiler to 127,500 crowns, "says Michal Doležel. Of kotlíkových grants can finance the purchase of automatic biomass boilers, as well as the acquisition of the boiler or heat pump.

Ventilate briefly but intensely

Even in winter we can not do without oxygen. Closed windows prevents air exchange in the room and increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide, leading to fatigue, reduced alertness, headaches or burning eyes. While during the warm days we have the window slightly open all the time, winter is instinctively closed. Winter ventilation should be brief, but intense, which sweeps through the rooms fresh air, but the walls do not manage to cool. Ventilation in the winter should not take more than 5 minutes. Ventilate frequently in winter calmly even once every 1.5 to 2 hours.

Isolate where it goes

Each tiny slits leads to heat loss. So check window frames and determine whether they netáhne somewhere. In many cases, self-adhesive insulating tape for windows that are investing tens of crowns. You can also use an insulating film on window glass. Determine whether you heat does not run under the door, effective measure in this case the door brushes. "Such small actions can add up to save hundreds of dollars a year," says Michal Doležel.

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