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Quitting smoking? The recovery process occurs almost immediately,

Giving up tobacco is a great idea. The first positive effects after the last cigarette smoked in fact starts after 20 minutes. And more will be added in a matter of hours, months and even years.

After 20 minutes

The first positive impact típnutí after the last cigarette is beginning a decrease in heart rate that leads back to a normal rate.

After 2 hours

Heart rate and blood pressure are around normal values. Improves blood circulation and, consequently, you can feel the warmth on his fingertips. Comes but also the first withdrawal symptoms which may include:
intense craving for a cigarette,
anxiety, tension, frustration,
drowsiness or problems with sleep,
increased appetite.

After 12 hours

In the blood decreases carbon monoxide levels, which prevents red blood cells from binding of sufficient oxygen.

One day after the last cigarette

For smokers than non-smokers to 70% higher risk of atherosclerotic disease of the coronary arteries that supply the heart with oxygen. Already the day after you put the tobacco vale, reduces this risk, together with a decrease in myocardial options.

After 48 hours

While not a life threatening issue, loss of taste and smell is one of the major inconveniences. After 2 days, they start recovering nerve endings, which leads to improved sensory capabilities and better quality of life.

After 3 days

Your body is completely cleansed from nicotine. An unfortunate consequence may be the gain of withdrawal symptoms, including:

At this point, you might be tempted again the extraordinary reach for a cigarette. To get motivated, try to use the money that you have not yet saved to buy something for pleasure.

For 2-3 weeks

Withdrawal symptoms subside and you get to noticeably better condition. The lungs, heart and blood circulation are recovering. The sport had so much nezadýcháváte.

1 year

Great win for you. The risk of developing heart disease (compared with forecasts of a year ago) that has decreased by half.

10 years

Smokers are increasingly at risk of various cancers, including tumors of the oral cavity, esophagus, lung, kidney or pancreas. After 10 years of tobacco abstinence decreases the risk of lung cancer by half.

Long-term benefits

Non-smokers versus smokers live about 10 years longer. In addition, these years can enjoy a healthier lungs and circulatory system. Stop tobacco is definitely not an easy decision, but it will bring countless benefits. If you are health benefits too abstract, maybe you will like this calculator: With its help, you can easily calculate how much money you save per week or year of life without tobacco.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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