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Jiri Suchy will celebrate his 85th birthday "posemaforsku" as an unusual gift

Gentle comedian and singer with straw hat, which has its own distinctive humor and hyperbole capitalizes on the events of his time. Some of his songs, such as lock of hair, or Babetta last Sunday was that a few decades ago was saying, "the greatest hits," we like to note today ..

We ..and remember if it plays If a Thousand Clarinets, Jonah and Melicharová or Walk Worthwhile, which took place in front of thousands of spectators on countless performances on the stage of the theater Semaphore, the name and face of this artistic centrepieces of us springs to mind in the first place : Jiri Suchy. This significant Czech actor, director, composer, writer, artist, was inextricably linked with the famous theater scene semaphore is October 1st live to their 85th birthday.

In an effort to give up his jubilee proper homage, supported nonprofit organization Liten Lock, IB, whose main field of activity is the popularization of the names of famous singer Jarmila Novotna, creation of a documentary entitled Jiri Suchy: My fight and struggle. The film, which tells about the life of Jiri Suchy through theater history Semaphore and brings his thought and currents of opinion, comes from director - filmmaker George Vondrák that of Jiri Suchy has already made two films (documentary Jiri Suchy ... in such a beautiful society one of the episodes of the series Poets Europe).

"Because in the organization lock Liten long time trying to recall the name and link singer Jarmila Novotna, we are well aware how hard and difficult work it is. That's why we did not hesitate to support the project, which is dedicated to surviving and still fully forming artistic legend that deserves attention and, moreover, we are celebrating a significant anniversary, Mr. Jiří Suchý. The film was initiated by director Jiří Vondrák who approached us to become its producers and assist with the implementation and financial backing. After brief consideration, we joined forces and today it is pleased about the outcome, while unusual birthday gift for Mr. Suchy, "describes the circumstances of the snapshot director of the nonprofit lock Liten ZS Ivana Leidlová.

This film portrait will be given its premiere as a birthday present artists symbolically handed over a trio of evenings titled Tribute to Jiří dry or "I've known the elderly ..." that lock Liten holds 30th September, 1 and 2 October 2016 in the Semafor theater, the program on October 1st is a partner event of the International Television Festival Golden Prague. In addition to the gala premiere of the document will also include those evenings gala meeting with Jiri Suchy and his narozeninovému concert, recalling his life's creation through song evergreens. Evenings October 1 and 2 are then played for moderation Jiri Vejvoda. Fresh snapshot Jiri Suchy: My fight and struggle can be also viewed on the screen of Czech Television - premieres Sept. 30 on ČT art.

"The interest of Mr. Vondrák director and Lock Liten about making this pleases me, because everyone something up, pleased that someone notices, and even though it can appreciate, then the pleasure is doubled. I admit that even though I'm eighty-five, I have never received a birthday movie, and, on top of his person. It is a truly original gift. The film was formed by me, Mr. George Vondrák sat in the chair, asked me questions and I answer them, match, match ... Without my time knowing how he disposed of it. How do I know but Mr. director who no longer about me made two films, consulted with his treatment excellently, "says Jiri Suchy honoree.

A film portrait of Jiri Suchy: My fight and struggle consists of two lines. The first is a cross section of life through so-called Traffic light. "Six twilight" or dark spots in its history and largely witness to the life story of Jiri Suchy. The second line represents his personality through reasoning and reflection on the various issues and areas of life.

Jiri Suchy a matador Czech cultural scene, which enriches his work for more than 60 years. He has to his credit over 1300 lyrics and is the author of more than 120 plays and revues. During his career, he published a number of recordings and music compilations or recordings of the most successful games featured in Semafor. He helped produce a number of films, some wrote the story and screenplay and lyrics and composed the music. Some have even played. So far, it released 40 books of transcriptions of lyrics and plays and short stories and a book of remembrance. The public is familiar in connection with the duo Šlitr and after his death the actress Jitka Molavcová with which performs at Semafor today. After several years also he addressed the radio listeners with their thoughts and favorite songs, and his face is familiar from some television programs. He worked as a teacher even textařiny Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory records or publisher Theater Semaphore games.

His lifelong contribution evidenced by the numerous awards as the Medal of Merit II. Degrees Music price Angel - Hall of Fame Medal of TG Masaryk, Thalia Award - Special Prize of the college, Jaroslav Seifert Prize, the Order of TG Masaryk, honorary doctorates (Palacky University in Olomouc and Janáček Academy in Brno), honorary citizenship of Pilsen and Prague 6 fresh and honorary citizenship of the City. m. Prague.

Source: tz, editorially modified
Photo to tz: I. Zlámalovská

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