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Maximilian first summer in the Valley of elephants

Little Max, one of the most popular of this year's pups in Prague Zoo has had its first summer in the Valley of elephants. Growing almost before our eyes - every day its mass increases by one kilogram!

Like all babies Maxík is very curious and constantly learning new skills. In addition Janita mothers usually spend time in the company of Sita and Tamara, who tirelessly provokes their naughty bits.

The youngest member of the elephant herds are increasingly becomes independent. His mother Janita often deserts him from sight, and so has plenty of time to romp with three years older sieve. In all the activities she is savvy Seconds, only the outdoor pool was still dare. Meanwhile runs along the bank of "wading pool" and Situ, that the pool spend every moment watching warily from a distance.

In the morning swim in the indoor pool, together with the mother elephant and Janita Tamara Max adventurous, feel free swims and crawls over to his mother. At the end of the morning bath aide spray hose, brush him, but do not touch. So far, in fact not accept any treats, which could be to motivate cooperation. Solid food just tastes rather, the priority for him is still breast milk. And so their "freedom" like uses and pleased to find appropriates whatever keepers forget to hand his trunk.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Jana Myslivečková

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