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The problems of teenagers having sex. Do not reach climax, suffer pain and anguish

More than a third of adolescent boys and 44% of girls are struggling with sexual intercourse. It results from the latest British National Survey of sexual relationships and lifestyle.

Problems girls are most often related to the inability to achieve orgasm, along with the pain and anxiety while having sex with boys in terms of reaching orgasm too quickly or, conversely, the inability to climax or maintain an erection. Seek professional help yet only 6% of teenagers.

According to the latest British National Survey of sexual relationships and lifestyles has up to 34% of sexually active adolescent males aged 16-21 years and 44% of young women have a problem in sexual life. For 21% of adolescent women are difficulty reaching climax. Other difficulties include a nearly 10% inability to enjoy sex, from 9% feel physical pain resulting from sexual intercourse, as well as feelings of anxiety, fear of sex or during shortages or no excitement. For male teenagers, the biggest problem of the 13% too quickly achieve orgasm, as well as its inability to climax or maintain an erection, lack of pleasure from intercourse or fear.

"These difficulties may be the result of congestion internet products, which submitted a sexual stereotype that young people perceive as pressure. Young generation knows about sex like that much, but they do not think about their own access to it, do not perceive what they would like to experience themselves and can not discuss it with a partner to communicate, "explained Adam Durčák (Pink Elephant), which deals with issues of sexuality juveniles.

Impact on the problems manifested in the love lives of teenagers can also have an immature age, they begin to live sexually. According to surveys, sexologist Petr Weiss of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague has had a sexual experience every fourth Czech Republic at the age of 15 years. The most common fears among Czech teenagers prevail, and is primarily the fear of unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, according to research by Milward Brown uses contraception 70% of girls aged 15-29, condom use, on the contrary, young Czechs only 14%, which is compared to the European average of 13% less. Linked to this is the fear of decreasing adolescent Czechs from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, which differs from the surrounding states.

Only 6% of teenagers seek out professional help

Although 36% of girls and 26% boys to discuss their problems with family or friends or seek solutions on the Internet, they are not willing to actively seek professional help. Only 6% of teenagers have turned to a specialist and entrusted to the care of a psychologist, a psychiatrist and sexologist. "Problems can prevent and education. Sex education should break down myths about sex, to provoke discussion on the topic of satisfaction, recommend ways to have sex more to enjoy, whether an open conversation with your partner, or involvement of non-traditional elements such as sexual aids that help break shy barrier, "advised Adam Durčák.

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