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Six tips to help children overcome the pain of vaccinations

Injections can be a source of stress for parents and child. But it is worth remembering that this moment of pain that your child is experiencing, it is worth the protection that vaccination was mediated. It goes without saying that every parent wants their child as easy as possible, so we offer a few simple tips on how to do it.

It would be a mistake to think that doctors interested in this topic. The opposite is true. On the topic of pain during injections in children have been several interesting scientific papers. Their results provide good facilities to provide effective assistance.

Start by a child before vaccination will talk in a soothing voice, and bring him into the office of his favorite blanket or wraps, toy or whatever, what the child likes to snuggle. Talk to him, explain to him that what will happen is fine and it has meaning.

If you know that your child responds to painful stimuli very sensitive, you can put him before injecting a little sweetness to dampen the perception of pain. By age, it can be a bit of baby milk with sugar (not honey!), Fruit juice or anything sweet, what your child knows and has loved it.

The advantage is the mother's milk, the baby can breastfeed both before and after the injection, according to the agreement with the doctor can be vaccinated directly in his mother's arms, only to be prevented aspiration of milk. If breastfeeding works well is a very convenient option because it also protects the child from fever after vaccination. If it is just a hiccup during lactation (which happens), use other methods and breastfeeding leave at home, where you are at rest, and is more chance that they will succeed.

Treat the child after the injection of an abundance of touch, warmth and closeness. Treat him until he makes it clear that he likes it. If likes a pacifier, let him, and it will help him. So take your time, relax and let it absorb impressions.

Even older children may be afraid of vaccinations and have to do it right. From experience they know that the pain comes, and if they express their fears, nebagatelizujte him. Everything they explain the truth, be close to them and manifestations enough participation, love and understanding.

Great praise and a small reward
for mastering vaccination ease the tension and show your child that overcoming obstacles is sometimes pleasant.


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