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Depression is a disease, many forms. Meet her time!

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders. Although the number of these suffering people is still rising, it is not always entirely easy now to recognize the disease. We hint that the symptoms would in themselves or their loved ones should definitely not be overlooked.

Psychiatrists in Europe are used to diagnose depression system ICD-10, that the 10th edition of the International Classification of Diseases. This disease patient confirms if it has at least two of the so-called. Major symptoms and two side felt by at least 14 days. Among the principal indicators are:
persistent sadness and a drop in mood,
a significant reduction of interest in previously enjoyable activities, loss of ability to experience pleasure,
feeling a lack of energy, fatigue, exhaustion after making the slightest effort, decreased activity.

Thoughts of food, but also suicide

Side effects are very colorful. Every person suffering from depression has its own, often varying combinations. This may involve:
Decreased ability to concentrate and focus.
People are depressed tend to have a problem, for example, concentrate on reading, may reduce overall attention to the feeling of emptiness in the head.
Small self-esteem and confidence. While severe depression patients often attributed their problems to bad character or lack of willpower. In comparison with other people feels inferior.
Unfounded feelings of guilt and unworthiness. Individuals with depression tend to have distorted ideas often impaired mood, blaming themselves out of weakness or incompetence. They may have felt that their surroundings are only a burden.
Sad and pessimistic views of the future.
The patient sees his life as hopeless, he is convinced that it will be only worse. He can not look forward to the events that previously brought pleasure (holidays, birth of grandchild etc.).
Thoughts or attempt to harm or suicide.
A very serious symptom that should always lead to a consultation with a specialist.
Sleep disorders (decrease or increase in amount in comparison to the previous state). Frequent waking up early is early in the morning when the patient no longer sleep. Other times, not enough hours of sleep does not refresh.
Altered appetite.
Usually, it is reduced, it may be contrary unusually high - when sick stress "resent". Common are also significant weight change within a short time.

Without treatment, the disease will not give up

The range of signal depression is very broad. Any of the above conditions during the life of touches almost all of us, but most are not deep depression. Days without energy, poor sleep or impaired concentration - these are rather common response to the current difficult situation. For depression is characterized by a combination of multiple symptoms, duration and significant disruption in functioning in daily life. In the event that in themselves or a loved one are experiencing a significant change in behavior and feelings from the past you can not go wrong when you refer to him sensibly discuss the situation with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Currently, there are many treatment options for depression, do not be afraid to tell your help!

He worked on the story: Susan Kalna
Expert guarantor article: MD. George Náhlovský

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