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Love of alcohol or how to recognize addiction

Morning doll to encourage, noon and evening call hladinka few drinks for good digestion. Alcohol consumption, we can justify great. But not everybody is able to timely recognize the border, where binge drinking becomes a dependency. We will help you get your attitude to alcohol specify.

A clear diagnosis

Alcohol dependence is experts clearly defined, based on the six criteria. If you meet at least three of them, you have a serious problem. With treatment, you certainly should not linger. Wondering how you are on that? Truthfully answer the following questions.
You lose control of your drinking? Maybe you're planning a drink, and you will end up in the moment when the bottle is empty?
You need to consume larger quantities of alcohol than ever before, to make you feel drunk?
After sobering up or decline in the level of per mille feel unpleasant physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, such as sweating, trembling fingers, nausea or anxiety?
Do you prefer drinking alcohol before any other previous activities and hobbies?
Continues its habit, even causing you serious health or other problems?
Do you feel strong and overwhelming craving for alcohol, which prevents you from drinking end?

Other warning signs

For alarming in connection with the dependence also be considered if:
drink since the morning (so-called morning sips)
suffer "windows" and do not remember what you were doing while you sip,
after alcoholic party you have feelings of guilt,
switching from a "soft drinks" such as beer or wine to spirits in order to achieve the previously state of intoxication,
you need to drink alone and hide purchased "rations"
You feel uncomfortable if alcohol will be in your home.

Treatment is necessary

In fact, one does not have to be directly proportional to his alcohol problems brought. If you or your surroundings feel that you are drinking so-called gotten out, do not hesitate with a visit to a specialist. On the treatment of alcohol dependence specializes number of psychiatrists who can offer therapy outpatient or institutional form. At that plays a crucial role in regular and strict regime, psychotherapy and sometimes support with medication.

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