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Summer grapes gave plenty of sun and moisture

Plenty of sunny days and regular rainfall that accompanied this summer, according to winemakers have the status of a positive effect of vineyards. Although the final harvest will decide weather especially in the fall, the current health of the vine is by oenologist good. Last year's enormous yield of grapes due to spring frosts this year will be surpassed. Vintners, however, especially for white wines, expect good quality crops.

This summer, unlike the last days many tropical inadequate. Winemakers yet his progress assessed positively. Sunny weather, complemented by regular rainfall, according to them allowed the optimal development of the grapes and positively influenced mainly white wines. "The quality of the white varieties act positively enough moisture that was evenly distributed throughout the vegetation. It is therefore possible to expect a favorable structure acids, aromatic and very good quality, "said Iva Šantavá, enoložka (Wine Blatel).

In addition, the summer months was not accompanied by any extremes of hail or very low temperatures. The greatest damage in the vineyards so this year inflicted by spring frosts that affected the yield of grapes. Although frosts influence depends on the variety and location, but now oenologists confirmed that the yield of grapes will be lower compared to 2015 ". In areas of undamaged frosts will yield long-term average. In areas damaged by spring frosts may be only 30% of normal yield, "said Šantavá.

The health status of the vineyards is varies by region. While in the subregion Slovacke grapes are in good condition, vineyards in the Mikulov sub-region show the most distinctive fungal infection. Overall, however, according to experts, health wine at a good level comparable to last year.

Despite the favorable course of the summer, however, the overall quality of this year's harvest will decide weather the fall. Already at the end of August, but the winery will begin harvesting the earliest varieties intended mainly for the production of young wine. "The real beginning of the vintage is expected around mid-September, when it comes to harvesting early varieties Müller Thurgau and Moravian Muscat," concluded enoložka.

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