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August events come alive in the movie Code Name Holec

August events come alive in the movie Code Name Holec This powerful film based on a story by director Jan Nemec Italian coupling occurs between Prague and Vienna, in a dramatic 1968.

Variable time that headed to the events of the Prague Spring and August occupation, is the framework for the modern spy drama whose protagonists are in tense social moments faced a fundamental choice between collaboration and heroism. The main roles - Christopher Hádek, Vica Kerekes and Johannes Zeiler.

August events whose anniversary we recently commemorated in the movie come to life in a dramatic way. Film Codename Holec these days is placed on the Montreal Film Festival in the section Focus on World Cinema.

This fictional story is based on real situations and real people. Austrian journalist Helmut Zilk filming in the spring of 1968 in Prague interviews from communist Czechoslovakia. Soon becomes the object of interest of state security. Zilk was acquainted with rebellious Czech director Jan David and his beautiful girlfriend, actress Eva. Among the successful journalist and defiant artist blazed a passionate battle for the hearts Eve that everyone has a future on their own. In a love triangle hit the August occupation of Prague, where Honza managed to record the brutality and violence of the occupiers. The film is an urgent need to reach an international audience. Paradoxically, the only way to the West represents just Zilk. The situation is changing every moment and nobody knows whom to trust!

"The director Jan Nemec exported then westward film footage of the arrival of Russian tanks and it was one of the few true record of how it really was, because then political establishment anointed tracks and going into television and radio something completely different," says the actor Christopher Hádek who in the film plays the character of Jeff.

Filming the August fighting in the streets of Prague were shot at building ČRO at Vinohradská. As the shooting took place, you can see here:
Tank in front of Czech Radio
Burning bus at Czech Radio

The film's title Codename Holec based on the fact - under this name led StB folder Helmut Zilk. The actual scope and form of the stringy collaboration with the secret police has never been fully understood and many questions remained unanswered. The film features a number of people inspired by real people and of course the actual number of contemporary situations.
Directed by film took Austrian filmmaker, producer and director Franz Novotny. Starring Christopher addition to quarrel, Vicy Kerekes and Johannes Zeiler appear on the Czech side David Novotny, Genevieve Bokova, Andrew Brzobohatý, Vilma Cibulkova, George Vyorálek and more.
The filming took place in Austria and the Czech Republic. Czech distribution premiere is set for September 22, 2016.

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