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Three pillars of defense against ticks

Ticks in recent years has become a threat. Still you have not yet vaccinated? Protect themselves from infection by this parasite can indeed also different, but the only certainty remains vaccination.

Ticks are hosting dangerous viruses and bacteria that cause human as serious Tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease. Prevention is much easier than subsequent treatment.
The first imaginary pillar of defense is to eradicate ticks from the environment. Among other things, involves shooting wild boar and other carriers of these parasites.
The second is the Personal Protection, which is responsible for every man - the aim is to prevent the tick bite.
The third pillar is then prophylaxis to prevent the development of disease if the tick has to latch on.

Choose the right strategy

Among the principles which you should if you want to avoid ticks, follow include:
not walking in high grass and shrubs, which are parasites like to hide,
carry into the woods and nature at all bright clothes, which you easily notice a tick,
zastrkávat pant legs into socks,
apply insect repellent containing diethyltoluamide (put on your hands and face)
apply to clothing product containing permethrin,
Always after returning from the countryside to view, and if you find a tick, remove it quickly.

Using disinfection

Before removing the tick is advisable to bring gloves and using special forceps to remove the parasite. Instead brush with disinfectant. It is not advisable to use tweezers to tick presses, so its contents squeezed into the wound. The release is also not suitable oil, paraffin oil or other organic substances. It can happen that they fail to remove the tick as a whole. His head remains at the site of the tick, causing local inflammation. Sometimes it is therefore necessary to visit a doctor who removed the rest of the parasite.

simple protection

Among the effective methods of prophylaxis, including vaccination. Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis is a very safe and effective, in addition to its implementation contribute to the insurance company.

Source: Tick-borne

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