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Quality Food Dehydrator you make a hole in the budget may not

Drying apples, grapes, mushrooms and other fruits and vegetables is back in fashion. While our mothers and grandmothers dried food on the heating today, the whole process can accelerate using dryers that can handle different types of dry food. But what to choose? It sought an answer dTest in his 14 Test Food Dehydrator. The results showed that a higher price of the product does not guarantee its quality.

In laboratory tests were food dehydrator evaluated according to several parameters - operation, safety, noise, energy consumption structure, but the most important thing of course was drying itself. "We evaluated how quickly, evenly and effectively capable device to dry apples, strawberries, grapes, mushrooms and beef, "says Hana Hoffmann, editor in chief dtest. But the device can handle dry for example, watermelon, plums, apricots, orange, pineapple, fish, pasta and herbs.

From product to product, of course, different time, during which the food is dried. "For strawberries and mushrooms drying time varied depending on the model from three to 15 hours in apples also from six to 15 hours. Meat but the instruments dried for seven to 19 hours, "said Hoffmann, adding:" From the resulting quality is the most important differences between the devices resulted in drying grapes and strawberries, on the other hand, mushrooms and apples mastered all the dryers without any problems. "The most common deficiencies found belonged přesušenost, change in consistency after 24 hours after drying and uneven drying stacked foods.

Domestic food dehydrator operate so that the device sucks air from the environment, heats it to a preset temperature and a fan blows into the inner space of the dryer, which are distributed on trays of food. Part of the air flows out of the dryer part is sucked back, reheated to the desired temperature again and gets between the plates.

In terms of quality of drying fared best dryer G21 Paradiso Big thanks to uniform drying and even sensory evaluation of dried food are taking in mostly very good grades. Imaginary crown he gained another device. "The overall winner will become drier Domo DO325VD that well dried, is tough, a little noisy and does not weigh much. In addition, cost is among the cheapest tested dryers, "praises the winners Hoffmann, adding:" Even the other two spots on the imaginary podium occupied cheap dryers that its price did not exceed 1,000 crowns. "

Drying is a convenient way to keep food and compared the pickling and zamrazováním friendly as well as vitamins. The exception is vitamin C, which on drying loses up to 80%, and beta-carotene, whose proportion is reduced by half. Due to the low water content and a higher proportion of carbohydrates are the dried fruit of good energy source such as a road or a sweet tooth for pecking. Stored in a cool, dry, dark environment in addition to last year.

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