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What to watch out for when you leave DIY-er

If you plan to spend your holiday in the Czech Republic, probably you will not flip through catalogs travel agency offering complete tour with transport, accommodation and other services. If you leave "assemble" the individual services themselves, will not be protected by law as well as in the tour. However, with a little effort and attention you can save. Advise on what the selection of this holiday to be careful.

If nevyrazíte to nature with the intention of sleeping in the open air, surely you will be one of the main worries to find accommodation. "In the Czech environment can be accommodation agreement to conclude very easily without big formalities need a telephone or e-mail reservation," says Luke Green , head of the legal department dtest, and warns: "Beware, compared to other services closed by a so-called remote will not be able to withdraw up to 14 days without giving any reason, without giving you any penalty. The accommodation contract is the possibility of an exception and if you answer on the offer provider, the contract becomes binding when your answer will be the Landlord. "

Accommodations course can be canceled. The law allows terminate the contract at any time before and during accommodation. However, this may not be for free. "If the landlord is not enough to find a new candidate, then you must pay damages if it is proven that arose. The absence until the beginning of the stay half a year, no harm can come about. But when you decide not to come a day in advance, you have to reckon with the fact that accommodation likely to pay in full. Pay attention to the conditions of the contract, which may be a requirement for severance pay and cancellations, "says Green

Landlord obligation is to provide facilities so that they can be normal and undisturbed use. Room must match the quality of the previous agreement, which also includes what you away reasonably expect. "If you were lured to photograph beautiful little rooms with private bathroom and views, such information as part of a bid for operator binding," says Green, and recommends: "It does if the accommodation agreement or common standards, demand redress. If the landlord does not arrange it, you are entitled to a discount. "
Legislation accommodation in the Civil Code is not exactly extensive, but it is necessary also that the landlord must take your request and keep valuables or money, if you so request. For concealed things then matches so do not worry about nosy staff or unwelcome guests.

If you do not solve the accommodation, but on the whole holiday catalog also not interested, you can still use the services of travel agencies and choose from their menu. Remember, however, that if you are traveling by car, do not conclude a contract with a travel agency tour. To tour tours in the legal sense, it must contain at least two tourism services (transport and accommodation, transport and guide services, etc.).

The provider has legally ensured that the contract was not concluded with an untrustworthy person. Even you can not design a contract, if suspicions arise that a third party contract complies. When any of its obligations ignored, can any damages claim was for an intermediary. "We recommend that you be vigilant when entering into a contract to broker a handy little sentence in the Terms tried their responsibilities ahead rid of it. The condition would certainly have been equally valid, but a sign of not just a fair approach, "concludes Green.

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