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Choose the best glasses. Just a few simple tricks!

You have already tangled head from hundreds of glasses in the optician? First try to narrow down your choice depending on what your face shape, or by the color typology. This information is used when shopping trims the best mentor.

When choosing sunglasses, you should focus on the following three principles:
Filigree shape should contrast with your face shape.
Incredibly underline your best features and benefits (for example, blue frame for blue eyes).
The size of the product should be proportional to the size of the face.

On the face of it depends!

To determine your face shape will help you if you download your hair back and use a pencil or lipstick on the mirror paint the outline of the face. Usually it is a combination of several angles, but there are seven basic face shapes:

Round - will look good with crooked narrow glasses that extended face. You can also try transparent bridge, which extends, and mountings, which are greater in width than in length (e.g. rectangular).
Oval - This shape needs glasses, which are at least as wide as the broadest part of the face - must be maintained proportionality face. Fits and shape of a walnut frames that are not too far apart, or too close.
Rectangular - this type will suit sunglasses with sufficient depth, such as air aviátorky. It is suitable low-pitched bridge between the panes. Rectangular face tends to be a rather long and tends to have a longer nose, which can suppress this type of frame.
The triangular (base down) - one face has a narrow forehead and wide chin and jaw. Top will look in glasses with colorful accents, decorative detail or so. Cat eyepieces.
The triangular (base up) - is based on a wide forehead and narrow chin. To mask a significant head will throw glasses that are wider at the bottom edge. Preferable are products of very light materials and colors.
Diamond - this type of face is very rare. It has a narrow forehead and chin, but the cheek bones are set high and mighty. If you have this face, choose frames accent eyes. Perhaps those who noticeably bordered the line of eyebrows, glasses rimless, oval or cat.
Square - a face that needs to soften sharp features. Suitable oval frames or such, which are larger than deeper. You can also take a straight shape glasses.

Know your color type

When considering buying new glasses, try to focus on color typology. Why?
Everyone looks the best, choosing the colors from your color palette.
People are generally either cold or hot color types.
The color of glasses should complement your type.

Color palette that is right for you, specify by:
skin tone (hot models have a yellow, on the contrary cold bluish)
eye color, but that is only a secondary indicator since the brown and blue eyes can range from hot after cold shades
Natural hair color - strawberry or platinum blond, blue-black and silvery brown belong to a variety of cool colors, golden blonde, golden brown and dirty šedoplavá contrary to the warm hues.

After you determine your color type, you can try to paint frames. For cold type fits the color black, blue-gray, plum, pink, blue, or turquoise. Warm types will suit conversely camel brown, khaki, gold, peach or red.

must sit

When choosing glasses we must not forget that it is essential that fit well and fulfill their function. To find those perfect, keep these three tips.
Frames should closely follow the line of your eyebrows.
Pupil should be in the center of the glass.
Glasses should be comfortable, without pushing.

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