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Roof accessories such as protection and decoration

During the construction of new or reconstruction of the original roof is necessary to think not only faithfully executed beams and a selection of quality roofing materials, but also useful accessories that are an integral part of the roof. They play an especially functional role, but may also have an aesthetic character. We have prepared an overview of the basic and most commonly used roofing accessories that should not be missed on any roof.

Gutters are the foundation

Basic roof accessories to protect the roof from the outside environment. Drainage gutters help to the roof deck, which is for the proper functioning of the roof crucial. Creation of moisture can cause mold growth, moss or fungi, which then reduces the functionality and quality of the roof. There are several types of gutters, they can be made of PVC or metal. In the Central European climate they are suitable for both variants, since the climatic conditions there are relatively stable, without major fluctuations. Recommended gradient hanging gutter is about 0.5%. Gutters in the summer do not require any special care. Winter conditions but their condition considerably sign it. It reduces the quality of the eaves such as snow, icicles or ice inside the tray. Therefore, it is necessary to their regular inspection and removal of accumulated ice and snow.

Well ventilated roof does not let moisture

Roofs must not only be drained, but also sufficiently ventilated. Roof accessories that for this purpose, for example, ventilation chimneys, vent heads, roof tiles with bushings, protective ventilation grilles and more. Quality ventilation shall also vapor permeable film, which does not let moisture and water from the outside inwards, but in opposite directions so. "Moisture-permeable film can be used for all roof slope, but if the roof has a low slope, the use required. These films also significantly help in the event of extreme weather events such as thunderstorms and strong winds. The system eliminates the influence of water and blowing-snow under your own roof tiles, "explains Jaroslav Nikodým (et al. Borga).

Pigeon droppings etches the surface of gutters and roofing

Not only weather conditions negatively reflect on the state of the roofs. The big problem is especially pigeon droppings, which includes aggressive agents, and thus etches the surface of the roofing and gutters. In particular, it is therefore advisable to install safeguards against pigeons and further birds. Most often used by bayonets, networks and grids to sit down birds. Another problem then arises in winter, when the roof can accumulate layers of snow and ice. These sometimes up to several hundred kilogram pile can slide down from the roof and seriously endanger the health of passers-by. Roofs should be well equipped with snow barriers, which prevent the landslide. In addition, the current market offers such features, which has also aesthetically pleasant and can be color-align the roofing. Modern snow catchers are composed of two or three elegant pipes ran along the roof.

You can complete the design of the roof trim

Edging own roof and the individual elements on the roof ensures controlled drainage from the roof of her watertight and allow ventilation. "Fringe can finish roof above the eaves and gables of buildings, walls, towering above the roof, chimneys, passageways conductors, climbs, different antenna brackets or vent chimneys . The most commonly used material for trim and flashings are different kinds of painted sheet metal that bend tailored to the needs and requirements arising from the location of piping, "says Nikodým. It adds that one can choose from countless colors and materials, and they can fine-tune the overall appearance of the roof to the desired style. Classic roof tiles in brick color look very good with copper piping. Use is also possible with aluminum or other colored metal plate.

Kohout as the protector of the building and interesting aesthetic element

The aesthetic character of the roof may raise a few well-chosen decorative accessories. These include, inter alia, the comb elements, the so-called ridge tile, which can again be matched to the color of the roofing. The comb elements are made of the same material as the roofing tile, so it is easy to tune to the rest of the roof. Ridge roof can make special thanks to the various motifs of animals and plants. The most common shape of the roosters, who from time immemorial considered the protector of the building. Theme valves are also frequently appears on various korouhvičkách, which today serves only a decorative function. Earlier the people used mainly to weather, wind direction is estimated that come rain or drought vice versa.

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