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How to profitably use the sun in your home

We receive from above the sun's energy for free. Why not take advantage? Thanks to the energy of the sun can heat household water, light, charge mobile phones and car batteries, or illuminate the garden. Renewable resource, which is just the solar energy can be advantageously used wherever there is a large consumption of electricity or heat. Now in summer we can save a lot, for example through the use of solar showers. How to do it?

Saving energy through solar shower

In the summer sometimes experience tropics also in the Czech Republic. Solar shower saves us money in these days and in addition will make gardening work and recreation cottages. "Solar shower we can buy, but it may serve black painted barrel filled with water and attached to a pole in the sun. Thus heating the water, which can be used especially in the summer need to rinse the garden. Household consumes less gas, electricity or other paid energy, so saving on the order of one hundred crowns a year, "says energy consultant Peter Woff of services E.ON Advisor.

Hint: As solar shower works? Firstly, we need a storage tank volume usually 20-35 liters, which occurs for water heating. Then we bring the water to the tank for example, through a hose coupling. Then flows from the reservoir heated water through the shower head.

Water heating not only in the pool

Hardly we could ever imagine everyday life at home without hot water. Solar energy can be used also for heating the water in the pool, while beneficial to us may be, for example solar thermal collectors. "In summer, water is being heated only to a low temperature and in this case the efficiency of solar thermal collectors high, generally over 80 percent, "explains Peter Woff. Economically optimal surface for water heating solar thermal collectors depends mainly on water consumption in the home. For hot water lately increasingly used also photovoltaic panels.

Tip: Swimming can cover the solar sail, which during the day helps to heat the water and at night slows the cooling.

Own solar power plant

Sun is also an excellent source of electrical energy which you can use in the normal operation of your household - the light, the operation of appliances or hot water. Having your own home solar power is also attractive thanks to subsidies from the program new green savings that you can draw. From this year to help with the implementation of a photovoltaic system energy company E.ON, in cooperation with its technical partner TERMS, Inc. With a turnkey solution that includes the development of energy appraisal of the project, submission of the grant application, implementation and execution of the grant is purchase solar power quickly and easily.

Tip: A skilled handyman with knowledge in the field of electrical seduces build your own solar power plant, which builds like a "kit". According to the Building Act does not need a building permit if the installed power up to 20 kW. Unless the system is connected to the grid, it goes without authorization distributor.

The use of photovoltaics for LED lighting

Opportunity for households to use photovoltaics, as a method at which the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity, are offered, for example, with sources bearing the abbreviation "LED". LED sources are among the modern energy-saving lighting, which normally replaces conventional bulbs. "Lately are widely used should be LED strips with diodes placed in kitchens, as they need only a small DC voltage of 12-24 volts," says Karel Murtinger (Ekowatt). As a small DC voltage source can serve photovoltaic panels together with a battery. "The advantage of the battery it is the possibility of its use as a backup source in case of power outage. For example, it can be powered laptops, phones or WiFi, "says Murtinger.

Tip: Photovoltaic panels can be installed in a block of flats, for example, on the balcony railing.

Fresh air ventilation ensures solar

Surprisingly, the sun can also help to better ventilate your house. Speech is the so-called solar ventilation system when the panel-form supplied to the house air. "Basically operates solar ventilation so that sucks and heats the fresh air, which is then fed into the house. The system is designed so that no significant energy losses in classic ventilation such as opening windows, "explains Woff.

Solar Ventilation works for the electricity it produces from the sun, so it can be installed on the roof of the house should be.

Use of solar energy in the garden

In the garden, we can use energy from the sun at the facility, which is enough to run a small DC voltage. Often, it is not required solar regulator or battery. "Solar energy, for example, will use the garden to draw water from the well into a storage tank, a pump drive or fountain garden night lighting," explains Murtinger.

Tip: Along the driveway serve well also solar lights that are recharged during the day in the sun and in the evening, thanks to special sensors light up.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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