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Even proponents of slim line can indulge in wine. But..

Summer is the season when especially women think about how to look in swimsuits and short skirts best. The summer months, however, also include grilled specialties and various alcoholic drinks. Their consumption while slim line penetration. The exception may be dry, according to experts of wines, the appropriate dose may not be harmful.

Two small glasses of wine contains about 150 calories, which is a female about 8% of the recommended daily allowance of calories and only 6.5% of men. What should give supporters a healthy lifestyle when choosing wines attention?

Empty calories matters particularly in large quantities

Drinking alcohol is generally inappropriate for weight loss mainly because it contains empty calories. You do not give your body anything, on the contrary, it will weigh and prevent the body in burning fat and sugars from food. Given that one gram of pure alcohol contains about 7.1 kcal is larger drinking alcohol for body huge burden. Wine, however, are unlike hard alcohol to less calorie beverages. The bottle of wine contains 13% alcohol, but we find 78 grams of alcohol, the drinking and the body adds up to 500 calories. For advocates of healthy lifestyles it is advisable to select species with a lower alcohol content, ie 11-12%. In this case, one glass of wine you get into the body of about 150 kilo calories, e.g., less than five times after eating 200 grams of pork.

Beware of residual sugar, dial drier wines

Calories from alcohol but not the only thing you have to think about when choosing a wine. There is hidden danger also in the residual sugar. Although it gives the wine flavor and aroma, while losing weight but definitely not welcome. "The ideal choice is to dry the lighter wines, which have a smaller amount of residual sugar. Two ounces of dry wine contain more than 150 calories in wine-sweet with no calories around 170, "said Jitka Pomykalová (Wine Blatel), adding that in this respect are often disadvantaged quality select wines that are generally produced from more sugary grapes, and also contain more alcohol.

Not like Sauvignon Sauvignon

The difference in calories and residual sugar of course exists even within the same variety. "Even if you will enjoy a particular type of wine, you should carefully read the labels. The same name of the wine is still not the same composition. For example, dry Sauvignon may not contain either two grams of residual sugar per liter. The same wine in the semi variant, but it already contains over 11 grams. Fortified wines, such as pink wine, then they have over 20 grams of sugar per liter, "says Jitka Pomykalová. Seemingly dietnější are then red wines. Lemberger example, has only about one gram of residual sugar. These wines but usually contain larger amounts of alcohol, and therefore in terms of calories resemble white wines.

Avoid snacking fat cheeses and sausages

Although alcohol consumption during weight loss is not generally recommended, regular wine drinking many experts approved. Two ounces of wine for women and four for men, according to many doctors reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. For thickening addition, according to specialists, not worth the alcohol itself, but the fact that when sipping easily get a taste of something good, often very caloric. Whether it is a small snacks, such as nuts, bread sticks and chips or a bowl filled with cold meats and cheeses. Those kinds of cheeses that are best suited to wine when it is among nejkaloričtější. One package of cheese with white mold for example, contains more than 300 kcal, and the large amount of fat. From being the worst sausages smoked sausages and fatty sausages.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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