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A work area for young and old students

New trends in housing for children not only bring fresh color combinations, but also smart and comfortable place for big and small schoolchildren as a work area. The best way to apply them in a variable work tables with a large plate, which can be set into the room to measure accurately. Study and order are necessary and well settled in storage, and helps reconcile all accessories into a single design.

Important is always the desk and adjustable chair, but also the lighting and plenty of space for all school supplies, even in the smallest space. "There are always a few tips on how children their job better, even though it is pokojíček small and must be for it to be divided siblings, "says Sarka Richtrová (studio Viabel).

The goal is always to combine quality, timeless design with the practical side, allow the children to feel comfortable in the room, and yet meet all health requirements. The best investment is the furniture, which acts as a kit and can also be easily deliver other elements, so it can grow along with the children. The basis of the work is always the corner table with a sufficiently large, flat plate, made of quality material and easily adjustable chairs.

Study, which grows along with kids

"Especially for a first grader and a smaller school children are worth consideration if the table fits chair for mom or dad: otherwise you writing tasks unnecessarily high wrestle for the kitchen table," says Sarka Richtrová.

While little parental schoolchildren in need of help themselves and often require the larger branches, the situation is different. "More children are now teaches at the table just so much appreciated" válecí Zone "with furniture designed for comfortable study, play or relax. Very popular are eg. Color cushions Bool type, resembling a big tennis ball, "says specialist children's home. Joy for older children usually do in the room even dimmer and less "baby" colors and reigned supreme usually high bed that their addition in the den saves a lot of precious space: in handy solution can indeed work area placed just below it.

In the closet siblings or twins are always worth the work area at least visually divide or color, to avoid unnecessary strkanicím.

clever storage

Essential for successful learning is ample storage space for books and school supplies: trends are popular riding containers, but applies even hidden drawers in the stairs of the high bed. Excellent serve and rectangular boxes to hang on the edge of the table, on the edge of the box or bed. Eyes and nicely structured that they can wait crayons, rulers and other small items or toys.

The perfect complement is also a magnetic board that kids will serve as a reminder, organizer and gallery. Well it applies to the timetable, favorite photos and can be used as a non-violent teaching tool. Blackboard in the form of flowers, a rectangle with rounded corners or long strips of extra study area beautifully and pot.

The colors, which help

Also play a role chosen colors: yellow indicates the study said, but blue or green. While the first bright color activates, promotes appetite, improves memory and reduces momentary fatigue, the other two assist better concentration - is their ideal balanced combination.

In the girls' closet shall apply to all shades of pink, from candy-through powdery look to the bright lollipop - mentioned shades are not only fashionable now but have a closet and harmonizing and soothing effect. And do not even shun universal white, pebble gray or color turquoise, just the supposedly promotes spontaneity and can be so bold to cheer pokojíček fewer children.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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