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Prague Zoo: This year doubled Return Broncos finished successfully

After the Prague Zoo transported in cooperation with the Czech army next four mares horses Przewalski from European farms to západomongolské protected area of ​​the Gobi B, crowned this year's edition of The Return of wild horses next four transport "převaláků" within Mongolia. On the night of 07/22 They were in the Gobi B released four horses caught in a national park Khustain Nuruu, located near Ulaanbaatar.

"The idea to build the transport of Przewalski's horses from Europe even further, vnitromongolským, Transport was established a few years ago," said the director of Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek. "Its implementation, however, was in many ways a challenging, especially because truly wild, wild horses were needed to catch and place for that purpose-built pens for several weeks before their own transportation. "

Several Przewalski's horses, who were Khustain Nuruu ochyceni in May, during yesterday (Thursday) Transportation held three mares and one stallion. During the morning and afternoon were Khustain Nuruu to transport boxes gradually placed Funny mare, stallion and mare Hustai Arvin and Bebe. Following their transport trucks at the airport in Ulan Bator, which lasted three hours, and loading into the aircraft CASA Armed Forces. The aircraft with horses started after 16 pm local time (CEST after 9) and the sum of Bulgan Mongolia landed in the west after three and a half hours. Then they were chustajští "Prevalac" again loaded on the trucks and headed for the launch site ready to acclimatization pens. Takhin usu mares in the western part of the Gobi B stallion to Takhin talus in its eastern part, which is already facing previous transports and horses from the Czech Republic. The mares were released from transport boxes today (Friday) at 0.45 local time and the stallion at 1.45.

"Although we are on the transport of wild horses were concerned, they are all absolutely fine,"
said the deputy director of Prague Zoo Jaroslav Simek. "Importantly, among other things, that the mare should increase yet A small number of Przewalski horses in Takhin usu."

Yesterday the transport of Przewalski's horses transported Zoo Prague and the Czech army in their areas of historical occurrence in the west of Mongolia increased to a respectable 27th

As in the previous transports again this year on a return of the wild horses participated in the International Takhi Group (ITG). In various ways it supported the Prague City Hall, Ministry for Environment, Ministry of Environment, green development and tourism (Mongolia), Leipzig Zoo, Heinz Sielmann Stiftung and more.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Vaclav Šilha, Prague Zoo

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