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Replace the operator when conditions change

Mobile operator O2 changes the conditions for the mobile Internet. For customers, this can mean extra pay for additional data, but also the possibility without penalties to terminate a temporary contract. Termination of the contract is the only way to express disagreement with the behavior of the operator.

Mobile operators have over other businesses big advantage, because they can change the contracts with customers, virtually as they want. It allows them to Electronic Communications Act, which requires that only the customer about the change he knew, and if the contract is changing for the worse, had the opportunity to denounce it. "Operators use of this possibility quite often and while it is not a cosmetic modification agreements, but so essentials such as billing method or the price, "says Milos Borovicka legal adviser dtest, adding:" Though we and the Czech telecommunication Office believe that the process operator is not always in accordance with the law, the only means to them, customers can effectively face is not to subject and to terminate the contract. "

A frequent nostalgia consumers is the fact that your operator pledged, for example, for two years, but the tariff or conditions they ceased during the suit. A temporary contract one could terminate at any time, but the consumer must pay compensation equal to one-fifth of the remaining fee, which is not a small amount. Contract after the expiration of the commitment themselves to renewing the same time, the consumer does not sanction can say enough only once every two years. Irregular we can give the operator your rights when conditions change.

"Sometimes we meet with the argument operators that some customers do not mind, because if they resented the change, they went by. That is not happening, and so is the need to defend our consumers the only way that the operator will be felt, "says
Juniper. In the case of mobile Internet are still in our market operators who are their customers after exhausting FUP, therefore, paid the entire package of data, Internet connection will not switch off, but "only" slow down.

Consumers who use the possibility of unilateral termination of the contract when changes have one more advantage - the contract can be terminated on the effective date of the new conditions, the phone number should be released for transfer to another operator much faster than normal termination. The Ministry of Industry and Trade, while considering that the Electronic Communications Act is adjusted so that the time between the termination and transition to another operator shortened to four days in all cases, but the legislative process is just beginning.

"Excessively long notice period is one of the aspects that hinder effective and rapid changes of operators. Purpose of the legislation should consist in the fact that if I do not like one service, will use another supplier. In short, just as if I choose to go to another store for milk, "she explains Juniper, and warns:" When the operator contract changes to our disadvantage, we have a period for reflection from the notification of the change to its effectiveness. Then it takes so that we agree and did not easily break free. "

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