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The midday sun tan and the best in the shadows will not burn? Error!

With the summer holiday period has been reoccurring theme of healthy sunbathing. It is surrounded by a variety of tips, which people often mistakenly controls. What is the truth that will not burn in the shade? And why it is better to avoid the midday sun? We will introduce you how it is with myths about healthy sun really is and how it can benefit when sunbathing even herbs.

Myth no. 1: Before you leave there is no need to prepare for sunbathing, just lubricate the cream directly on the water

This statement is true only in part. Beauty products with SPF although partially protect the skin, but they require the application of at least 20-30 minutes prior to their stay at the beach to protective ingredients can activate and absorb into the skin. Then it is necessary to restore the protective layer every two hours, otherwise the effect fades. Preparation for sunbathing, but you should ideally commence several weeks prior to leaving on vacation.

Preventing sunburn represent particularly vitamins C and E, antioxidants alleviate the negative effects of UV rays on the skin. Skin defenses can be strengthened and herbs. "The quality of the skin promotes the activity of the pancreas, which controls the mucous membranes and skin. The pancreas can promote the use of penízovky. The creation of mucosal immunity, and also affects gemmoterapeutikum blackcurrant and elderberry forest hroznatého, also from the royal walnut. The regeneration of the skin used tinctures from herbs for her treatment in case of irritation, "says herbalist famous Czech Jarmila Podhorná.

Myth no. 2: Top sun ​​tans at noon

Not the best but the most. UV intensity varies during the day and at noon hour in the range between 11 and 15 hours are a critical time when the ground sharpest penetrating rays. At noon, so we had better confine sunbathing, resort away from direct sunlight and apply to the skin layer of protective cream with a minimum SPF of 25. This despite the fact that the skin is already tanned. According to the Ministry of Interior Health insurance is not unbreakable barrier of dark pigment and gives a protection factor of SPF value third

Myth no. 3: In the shadow over clothes and in cloudy weather can not burn

This myth is considered by many people to be true. In fact, UV radiation penetrates even into places where the sun's rays themselves apparently do not get into space and thus protected by shade or under clothing. Is reflected from sand, sea levels, concrete, tree trunks and other surfaces around you. According to a study prepared by the Institute of Medical Research in Queensland, corresponds shade protection comparable with a UV filter with a maximum value of SPF 6. A similar protection factor also provides a T-shirt or shirt obléknuté on the body, and therefore there may be burned.

Protect the skin against damage could not even overcast sky. Solar radiation is penetrating the ground and through the clouds, and even from 30 to 50%. If we underestimate these risks, it is necessary charred skin as soon cool off and give her lack of firmness. "Very well it treats St. John's wort, calendula and burdock oil in the form of a cold compress to accelerate its healing. Effective is also popular aloe vera ointment čtyřkvětová of elderberry or marigold, which regenerates the skin. Great help is also a body lotion from Methuselah, which includes the so-called molecule of life. It binds water, leading to hydration of the skin and its treatment. In addition, the long-term effect, "explains herbalist Jarmila Podhorná.

Myth no. 4: 80% of skin damage sunlight becomes 18 years of age, then there is no longer any damage

According to research by USC School of Medicine occurs approximately 25% of skin damage caused by sun during the 18th birthday, the remaining 75% of the damage we have collected over the years. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the protection against excessive sunbathing for a lifetime. Indeed just not protect against unpleasant burns, but especially before the onset of skin cancer. According to data from the Ministry of Interior Health insurance is because the incidence of melanoma over the last thirty years in the Czech population has increased four times. Each year, about 3,000 sick people, of whom 300 died. The average age of patients is 54 years. But the truth is that skin cancer has its roots in childhood.

Source: tz Hope editorially modified

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