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As summer endure in a heated apartment or house? Paint and blinds

In the summer, we expect average temperatures around 25 degrees on some days even temperature ten degrees higher. Such weather is pleasant at sea, but if you spend the summer in the city, from heat to hide just as at home in the living room. Often for its cool enough furniture in bright colors that reflect natural daylight or well-chosen shading technique.

The choice of materials is the key to a pleasant summer

It is crucial at higher temperatures, choice of materials, particularly in the selection of sofas, which in the summer and touch bare skin. "Although people often think that leather sofas from the so-called sticky quality leather is breathable and dirt does not stick to it. Affordable option, however, are textile sofas that are breathable and easy to clean, "advises Peter Triščíková of MT furniture. In another furniture and accessories, the summer is preferable natural materials such as wood, rattan or cotton. Such materials are breathable, pleasant to the touch and the interior airy. "If you are also bright colors, can bounce up to 96 percent of natural daylight, and unnecessarily so do not hold heat," adds Triščíková.

Learn to use the draft

If you want in an apartment or house in midsummer maintain a comfortable climate, it is particularly important to know how to use proper ventilation and drafts. Fresh air traveling in the right direction because emotionally it can reduce the temperature in your home by up to five degrees. If you're in the living room multiple windows, open them to a different degree, for example on micro and normal ventilation. Air will flow through two different ducts better cooling. In the evening when temperatures drop, then re-ventilate the open.

The ideal temperature is maintained outdoor blinds

Another way to keep in the living room a comfortable temperature, shading windows. Thanks to the blinds and shutters is less light penetrates inside. The impact of thermal radiation effectively reduce exterior shutters to protect against the sun, while some of the heat reflected from encroaching on the interior. "In typical summer days may blinds to replace the air conditioning because they can lower the temperature in the house until about nine degrees. This means that in the summer to save money issued for the operation of air conditioning, "recommends outdoor shading Lubomír Valenta (Lomax).

Living room easily connect with the garden

If you have a living room entrance directly onto the terrace, enjoying it and connect the inner interior garden. Garden is increasingly becoming part of the living space. Bring out sofa or a lamp, the appearance revitalize cushions, rugs and curtains. Of course there are, however, easy to clean and waterproof materials. "If you have a covered terrace, garden tent practical use, which increases the living area a protected outdoor space. Arbour and garden tent protects you from rain and also allow comfortable seating in the shade, "says Peter Triščíková.

Choose furniture and accessories that accentuate summer comfort

The living room is a place for rest and relaxation, which on hot days we need. If you want the summer to replace a few pieces of furniture and homewares, select the daylight saving option to magnify the holiday atmosphere. The appearance of the living room refreshed unusual furniture, a library in the style of Provence bright or coffee table. "This summer the bears in subdued colors of pink, purple, blue and green. For the recovery is still too trendy yellow color, "advises residential designer Veronika Uhrová. Decent furniture pieces, therefore do not be afraid to add colors and patterns, for example, treat yourself to a colorful curtains, patterned pillows and dishes with different decor. When else than just in the summer?

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