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Old electronics and batteries can send in an environmentally safe free package

Unique solution for recycling small electrical appliances or batteries is now available in the Czech Republic under the auspices of REMA. Unused units can be easily packed into a package delivered to your e-mail and Internet services via re: PARCEL sent for recycling.

Possibility environmentally rid retired techniques so they and residents of smaller towns and villages that do not have collection points, where they normally this kind of electro stores.

The new subscription service of old electrical appliances and batteries from households is intended for the general public. The aim of the service re: PARCEL is to enable convenient and easy recycling of electrical and people who have a home relatively small quantity of old electrical appliances or batteries, and want to hand over ecological destruction. In many smaller towns and villages because there are collection points where electronic waste can take. "People as old batteries and small electrical appliances such as a toaster, throwing household waste, rather than because of them rode many kilometers away. Our goal was to change the situation, "said the main reason for the creation of new services David Vandrovec from REMA, which is engaged in taking back old electrical appliances and batteries.

The new system of sending unwanted appliances including batteries, so-called re: PARCEL works very simply. Applicant electronics packaged as a package and establishes an electronic order. REMA He then e-mail to send all the necessary information and the mailing label that the customer consignment sticks. There then fetches the nearest branch of the Czech Post will send for processing. At the moment REMA package receives, sends the customer a confirmation of its acceptance and subsequent ecological disposal unit. "The service is intended for packages weighing up to 20 kg. For those interested at the same time working for free, "said David Vandrovec that package in addition to the battery send all the small household appliances, which has served its. These include monitors for computers, radios, hair dryers, toasters, small TV, electric saws and the like. The service also applies to CD and DVD.

For heavier packages ordered a courier arrives

If retired electrical weigh more than two kilograms can be to his removal from home to use traditional services either lazy. In this case, the wrapped package arrives directly to the home via courier service. One package yet can weigh up to fifty kilograms. For example, this mass corresponds to an older TV or printer with the monitor. The service also does not preclude the removal of more than one parcel.

In the event that the customer has an even greater amount of electronics and batteries for the removal it is from about 150 kg can select another type of refuse. Electrical equipment in such a case must be prepared and placed in removal day so that it could go, and then load. This type of service is useful for those who are renovating the home and need to get rid of some old major appliances at once. Total weight of 150 kg for example, has a large refrigerator, an old television and a washing machine to do. Maximum weight in this case is not limited.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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